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Rush or Pink Floyd bandmates?

Well since some can't choose over the bands what about the members... Pick Em

Gilmour vs Lifeson

Peart vs Mason

Waters vs Lee

Wright vs ??? Rush (I have to admit I am not sure which one of them does some of the keys. Just geddy???)


THANKS VT... my answers..



Lee (except Roger for lyric wirtting on all of them)

Rick Wright

Update 2:

dang it darth... Dont insult Floyd like that... :)

Update 3:

Thanks for the Syd vote!!! I figured I would only put more current band members. Of course Roger isn't one either now but you know where I coming from

Update 4:

Thanks everyone for the answers so far. These are my to favorites so it is really hard for me to pick. My hardest choice is the Lee vs Waters. as far as writing a song goes no one can touch Waters but as far as bass... it is probably almost a tie for me. Shew it is so hard.

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    Gilmore, Peart and Waters and Lee tie.


    These are two of my absolute favorite bands. So its hard to choose!

  • Gilmour, never fails to impress

    Peart, Nick's good and everything but not Neil Peart good

    Waters, I went to a Roger Waters concert last year, front row, it changed my life and Roger is a genius

    Richard Wright because hey, I've never heard ???'s piano skills ;) He does some awesome work on the synth.

    <<<I'm representing Syd too!

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    David Gilmour by Far

    Neal Peart by Lightyears

    Geddy Lee by Lightyears

    Nick Mason is a better Keyboardist than Geddy by a hair.

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    Pink Floyd bandmates

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    Edit: Hey Darth. Nick Mason is a drummer...

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    Rush is a genius band, and Floyd is a extremely relaxing and spacey band. Both kick booty, just sweet booty they kick.

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    Source(s): SYD!!
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    Geddy :)

    Just so you know, you could put Gilmour up against just about anyone and I'd choose him, he's that good!

    ****Kenny-No one cares what you think, go listen to your Maroon 5 and shut up

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    FLOYD hands down

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