Windows live spaces trouble...?

ok...So whenever I try to view my friends windows live spaces on MSN, everything comes up in French. And while I can kind of understand French from knowing Spanish, this is kind of getting annoying. does anyone know how to make it go back to being in English?? And it's all especially weird since my hotmail is still in English.....

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  • 1 decade ago
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    The only thing we should do to change the language is to turn the address bar of our browser. The URL of your space (if you're at it), he will add "? Mkt = en-us" if we translate it into English in the United States. So the URL of your space, that might look like this:

    The two pairs of letters that go behind "mkt" is the code language that we want to change. To explain briefly, say that the first two letters indicate the main language, and the second pair indicates the change of language. For example, "en-us" would be the Spanish in Spain, while "-ar" would be the Spanish of Argentina. However Spaces does not register all variations of languages, so for all Spanish-speaking countries use the Spanish in Spain. Here's the language that supports Spaces, so you can change it to your liking. All you have to change the language code, the rest is like the example URL above (obviously, with the URL of your space).

    Spanish en-es

    German de-de

    In English en-uk / en-us

    Note: Live Spaces, for language in English, accepted the regional code "on-us" belonging to the United States, and "in-uk", belonging to the United Kingdom, although the interface language not be noticeable changes.

    Italian it-it

    French fr-fr

    Korean ko-kr



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