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Chocolate-covered California strawberries?

I'm looking for the specific company that specifically takes those huge Californian strawberries and dips them in chocolate, freezes them, and sends them wherever you want. Anybody have any clue what I'm talking about?

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    Shari's Berries are AWESOME! They are out of Sacramento California and we have used them before for several different gift and favors.

    They are fresh, juicy, covered in great chocolate, and they even have decorated strawberries...Like tuxedo covered berries! They ship and the prices are pretty good (for luxury products!)

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    im not sure but have you ever thought of making your own that might be fun and he would no that you really care of love him if you want here how you do it get some strawberries and some white chocolate bars they usually sell those in the baking aisle than you get a pot and add the chocolate and warm it up till really soft you could use about 4 chocolates should do than with each strawberry dip into the mix by the stem and place on tin foil and let cool down and there you go you have white chocolate covered strawberries good luck...

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    I once ordered strawberries dipped in chocolate from this website:

    The quality was excellent and the berries were huge!

    Source(s): Ordered them before
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    try Harry & David

    or Godiva

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