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History books/novels?

I love to read and am interested in history, but I can never choose a great historical book. I have read a lot on WWII and Vietnam, but would like to broaden my horizons a bit. I am very interested in all aspects of history and would like to know what your reccomendations are regarding any real great books that cover some history. Right now I amparticularly interested in my heritage (Irish/Celtic). I am also very interested in black slavery and the stories that they tell. I would also like to know more about American History. Any kind of history really, but it needs to grab me.

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    The best American History filled novels/books are the Kent Family Chronicles (aka "The Bi-Centennial Series), by John Jakes.

    "The Bastard", begins with the story of the first Kent immigrant, Philip, and it ends with "The Americans".

    The entire series incorporates American History and various members the fictitious Kent Family and their contribution to the building of America, from the Revoution to the '60's.

    They are in order:

    The Bastard, The Rebels, The Seekers, The Furies, The Titans, The Warriors, The Lawless, The Americans.

    And, you must read them in order, as Jakes loves to leave loose ends in each book, which are eventually tied-up in another book.

    I especially enjoyed "The Lawless".

    Jakes Civil War Trilogy, "North and South", "Love and War" and "Heaven and Hell" are very good.

    Sharon K. Penman did a wonderful series of historically based fiction books about England, with the Kings and Queens as the main characters.

    In no particular order, however, they should be read in order of publication:

    The Sunne In Splendor, Here Be Dragons, Falls The Shadow, When Christ and His Saints Slept, Time and Chance, The Reckoning, Cruel As The Grave, The Queen's Man.

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    While he wrote novels, James Michener researched his subjects extensively and combined mostly true events and background with compelling fictional characters. Centennial, Alaska and Hawaii are three of his novels set in the US--there may be more. Caribbean is also very interesting. He tends to start at the beginning of time (for humans), and work forward, so that you really get the sense of how a region's history developed. One departure is Armageddon, which is the story of the Berlin Airlift--really interesting as well.

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    Are you ready?

    Of slavery and the Antebellum South:

    "Soul By soul," by Walter Johnson, copyright 1999, Harvard University Press

    "Masters of Small Worlds" by Stephanie McCurry, copyright 1995,Oxford University Press

    "American Slavery-- American Freedom" by Edmund S. Morgan, copyright 1975, W.W. Norton & Company

    "Exchanging Our Country Marks" by Michael A. Gomez, copyright 1998, The University of North Carolina Press

    On a different note:

    "Ike, An American Hero" by Michael Korda, copyright 2007, Harper Collins

    "Winston Churchill" by John Keegan, copyright 2002, Viking Press


    "Five Days in London May 1940" by John Lukacs, copyright 1999, Yale University Press

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    There are a TON of books out there on American history, so you have to be really careful. I really like historians David McCullough and Joseph Ellis. McCullough wrote 1776 and the biography of John Adams. Ellis has authored numerous books about the founding fathers including His Excellency: George Washington and Founding Brothers. I highly recommend these two authors and their books. If you are going to read American history, start at the beginning!

    Happy Reading!

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    You might like this book:

    How the Irish Saved Civilization

    it's about how the Irish Monks, isolated from the Viking attacks on England in the time from 700-1000A.D., painstakingly copied by hand(of course) the ancient Greek/Roman manuscripts, + the early Christain documents from the 4th Century A.D. W/O this work, all these precious documents/knowledge would have been permanently lost

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    "Voices of Northern Ireland: Growing Up in a Troubled Land" by Carolyn Meyer is really fabulous. Disturbing and fabulous.

    In terms of slavery, I would recommend Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl by Harriet Jacobs, The Souls of Black Folk by W.E.B. DuBois, and Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, An American Slave Written By Himself by Frederick Douglass

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    find the trilogy on the armies of the north and south during the civil war by Bruce Cattan. it starts with Mr. Lincolns Army. and the great novel by McKinley Cantor about the notorious pow camp in Andersonville So. Carolina during the said war.

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    i latterly examine an astonishing e book called Mistress of the artwork of dying. that is set in England on the time of the Crusades and is a pair of female forensic expert (at a time while women human beings did no longer do issues like that!). it is an astonishing tale approximately this very modern female residing in a backwards time and how she is going approximately fixing a homicide secret in this little city in England. Very layered and properly written. you sense such as you're in that ingredient era.

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