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why do nations with more diverse/minority populations(like the USA)?

as opposed towards ones with ethnically homogeneous populations such as Japan have far lhigher crime rates per capita crime rates?

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    Which type of crime?

    In the USA, there is alot of street crime (rape, shooting, robbery, assault) this is mainly due to the large black population.

    it has nothing to do with diversity.

    i live in canada where there is as much diversity as the US, however it is he black race which commits the vast majority of crimes as opposed to any other race/ethnicity

    Source(s): city planner student
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    Because people in homogeneous societies tend to have, within their respective groups, a sense of place. They do not have great expectations but know what to expect from their status or lack thereof.

    In a heterogeneous society people do not have a sense of place, their expectations can far exceed their actual ability or their perceived, by others, place.

    This leads to frustration and an attempt to solve the problem. Some steal, some use drugs (they also steal to help purchase) and some act out their unmet expectations frustration violently.

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    I think you had better research and re look your statistical data again.

    Per capita, Japan, Korea, Russia are much higher in crime rates then the USA.

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    they don't.

    What is the crime rate in Columbia, Peru, Thailand, France, Philippines, etc .... all much higher that places like USA or England.

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    Because everyone hates each other?

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