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Is the Oracle in the Matrix bad?

What I got from the last movie was, she was helping keep the Matrix alive, yet she said she was against the agents...

Is she bad or good?

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    She as the Architect, the Agents, the Keymaker, and many others in the Matrix triology is a sapient program with a specific purpose.

    The Architect purpose is to maintain humans connected to the Matrix to ensure the energy levels the machines require. For him the increasing number of humans fleeing from the Matrix, and their actions to free others create an anomaly in the system he wants to maintain under control, then he works to find a balance. For that, after the failures of the first 2 Matrix versions he obtain the help of The Oracle who was designed as a program to investigate the human psyche in order to program/adjust/configure the Matrix to a "reality" the mayority of the human population in the energy farms would accept. Humans that would not accept the current Matrix's reality would try to get disconnected and escape to Zion.

    To deal with the ones escaping the Oracle (and the Architect) invented the concept of the One and the Prophecy. She had participated in at least 5 versions of the Matrix and then Neo is the 5th "the One" she had deal with. Both needs now to control the human population in the farms/Matrix and in Zion.

    The Oracle's purpose is to aid The One and the humans following him by means of the Prophecy (predicting the victory of the One and the fall of the machines), not in order to bring down the Matrix, but rather so that they can voluntarily disconnect themselves from the system, ensuring its stability while preventing its destruction. As discovered by Neo, the prophecy is "just another system of control." The role of the Architect is then to reunite the One with the Source and bring about the destruction of Zion. The pair together ensure that the Matrix is rebooted and the population of Zion starts over when necessary, thus bringing the cycle of the Ones full cirle and ensuring control over the humans for at least one more cycle.

    As part off the control system her purpose is NOT to free all humans from the Matrix. If you was expecting that, then she is as bad as the Arquitect; two sides of the same coin.

    Source(s): Matrix movies / wikipedia
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    Matrix Oracle

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    The Oracle Matrix

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    She was neither. The oracle didn't actually exsist. She was a program(another eason why she could change identity as in the case of the late,great Gloria Foster's untimely death.Her good freind,Mary Alice stepped into the role without missing a beat)but it had already been established the she wasn't human

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    Smelly bad

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    YES, EVIL!!

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