I want to refinance my two year fixed mortgage. I'm in a Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Any good companies for this?

I have been with the same mortgage company for almost four years. I started with an adjustable mortgage. After two years the rates and payments shot up. I modified with them to a two year fixed. This expires in August. Last November, I filed a Chapter 13 bankruptcy, which includes the mortgage. My attorney says to either work on another modification with the company I have, or to seek out a refinance somewhere else. Has anyone out there been in similar situations? What did you do? Any recommendations on a good company to go with?

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    I would love to help you! However...your approval will boil down to what your home is worth & the size of loan amt. you need to pay off your mortgage & your BK. So if those all check out to be 85% loan to value & you have a fico of 580 & higher...your loan is a slam dunk!

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    My sister refinanced with Countrywide after filing bankruptcy. That was a few years ago so I don't know how they are now but you might call and talk to them.

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