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How many insects do you think you've swallowed in your life?

I'm guessing 5-6 for me, mostly from breathing in tiny bugs while running and such and maybe an inadvertant one in some food that I didn't know about.

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    If you count live ones I knew about, then about a dozen, Mostly while doing some fast-paced bicycling, but if you count the insect parts that are legally allowed in spices and other foods and then put them together, probably in the low thousands. I remember reading somewhere that the average person swallows eight spiders per year while asleep, but based on my knowledge of spiders, I would say that number is too high even for a lifetime. Breathe on a spider and it will likely run away from you. Either your mouth is closed or you are breathing from it. Therefore swallowing spiders is unlikely. Did you know that the spider known as "Daddy Long Legs" has a very deadly poison? It is rumored to be the most venomous of any animal, but I think the jury is still out. Its mouth is so small, though, that it cannot bite humans. The latrodectus mactans, (I may have misspelled the name. It may be latrodactus.) or Black Widow spider has a venom fifteen times as powerful as a cobra, but injects so little that unless you are allergic to it will likely only make you sick at worst, and the ones I have had seem to be very nearsighted. Also, some of our nerves have what is called an arachnoid sheath, but I am unsure where the name came from and doubt it has any connection with any spider-like characteristic.

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