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Japanese Kitchen Knives?

What makes Japanese kitchen knives worth between

$300 up to OVER a THOUSAND DOLLARS for one knife?

I was reading an article about cooking by a chef and he

talks about knives:

"I personally prefer Japanese steel in my knives but there are also some excellent quality European knives as well. For those with the big budget I strongly recommend Hattori knives (go for the HD or KD series - they will cost upwards of $300 a knife). The knife pictured above is a 27cm Hattori KD Chef’s Knife ($1,175)."

Can anyone explain to me why I should buy a $300. knife

when to me, a $8.00 knife seems to suffice? And it last

for years too.


By the way, I omitted the picture. Looks

like an ordinary Chef knife.

Update 2:

I don't like all steel knives, they rust

too easily. Even the expensive ones.

The only real advantage is that when

you sharpen them, you can get a keener

blade than with alloys.

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    The knives you are talking about, are made by hand. A time consuming and difficult procedure, usually undertaken by a master. the quality is what you are paying for. Those knives are about as related to your $8 knife as a go-cart is related to a Porshe. either one will do the job, but the discriminating professional will go for Quality. I do bet, However, if you invest in the expensive knife, you'll have something to pass on to future cooks. The $8 may last a bit, but I bet the more you try to Sharpen it the worse it will work. I personally have both kinds of tools in my kit. the choice is yours. Cheers

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    Their so sharp

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