What if a horse mated with a woman?

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If you're asking if a horse CAN mate with a woman, the answer is yes. There's no 'what if' about it - horses and dogs are the two animals most often associated with bestiality. In other words, people who have sex with animals most often have sex with horses or dogs. There's plenty of disgusting video evidence of this on the internet.

If you're asking if a horse can mate with a woman and produce offspring, the answer is no. For two different species to breed, they must be closely related (like horses and donkeys, or lions and tigers) - usually within the same genus, and at least within the same family. Horses and humans are far too different to be able to breed.
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  • whosafishy answered 6 years ago
    a homan?
    a worse?


    no, but seriously.... there are cases in which a female had intercourse with a horse, but that usually ends up in massive internal bleeding for the human, since a horses' penis is much larger than a humans'.
    and no, they can't have offspring if that's what you're wondering. that's biologically impossible.

    weird question... hope i could help anyways....
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  • t_roddel answered 6 years ago
    the child would be a jack *** lol
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  • Catherine R answered 6 years ago
    The only way you can get a human/horse hybrid is through genetic engineering. A pregnancy would not occur because humans and horses are different species which contain a different number of chromosomes within their genetics, because of this, crossing over of chromosomes would fail and new life would not be created.
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  • xnwarden answered 6 years ago
    They have...
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  • Alam answered 2 months ago
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  • tinnason answered 6 years ago
    you would probably get a woman who would not be interesting to men nor would she be interested lol, i would like to see it though
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  • TRex79 answered 6 years ago
    A girl I used to go to school with!LOL
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  • loyd b answered 6 years ago
    the dna is far to different but you can have breeding of diferent speceis e.g lion tiger = tigon/liger, donkey horse = mule , usurly you cant get the hybrid to breed though (to ligers breeding doesnt work, )
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  • Faraz K answered 6 years ago
    very funny
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  • Pappan answered 6 years ago
    Women will not get pregnant. The human semen and animal semen are different.
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  • yagoubidris answered 6 years ago
    The woman will die before the hose cums!!
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  • Silent_Saber answered 6 years ago
    lol funny beastility (not sure if i spelled it right). there would be a human-horse hybrid, unless that person that said human and animal semen are different was correct. also, in history, i believe a queen, forgot which one, tried to mate with a horse, but was trampled to death.
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