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Which insect creeps you out the most?

I know alot of you will say spiders but a spider is not an insect. Its an erachnid so besides spiders what is the bug that creeps you out the most? Personally to me its an earwig.

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    NO insects "creep me out". I love them all, and have been fascinated by them and their individuality and beauty all my life. I've made most of my living off them for over 35 years.

    If "you" will take the time to "really" examine and study Earwigs, or any other insects, on a "macro" (magnified) level, you will lose your "creeped out" feelings and find them as interesting as I do.

    Each insect in the world is so incredibly UNIQUE it's unbelievable. The real beauty of tropical insects is wonderful. Have you ever seen an Orchid Bee, or an Orchid Mantis? What about a Golden Tortoise Beetle? Or the tiny little Long-Legged Flys?

    I could go on for days, months, or years, about insects. Do you realize that "without" any insects on this planet, WE would "not" exist.

    Think about it.

    Source(s): Professional Cinematographer/Photographer & Naturalist - 35 years.
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    The crane fly, commonly known as the flying daddy-long-legs. They are the only animals I don't like. It's the way they deliberately fly at you and try to dangle all those horrible long spindly legs on your face, yuk! I know they're harmless, but I can't help being creeped out by them.

    Other insects, and other invertebrates like spiders, don't bother me in the least.

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    its gotta be me.. im usually the kind of person who would scare people with a insect or a spider in my hand.. man i just love doing that..

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    i m not scared of any inscet but dragon fly . this insects really scare me

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    roach, can't stand the buggers

    I'm a grown man and I will cringe and jump back when I see one.

    They just look nasty.

    But I guess we look ugly to them though.

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    Wetas are pretty beastly, but only found in NZ...

  • 1 decade ago

    camel spider

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    1 decade ago

    i am not scared of any insect....but i find flies and roaches...extremely irritating....

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    roaches ewwwwwwwwwwwwww

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