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小依 asked in 社會與文化語言 · 1 decade ago

(!!急!!) 拜託大家 請幫我中文翻成英文..


我找的是(Star-Banner Ocala, Fla)和(Opelika-Auburn News Opelika, Ala)這兩個新聞網站網站來比較.

在Star-Banner Ocala, Fla的頭版,報紙的最上方,有著種類的索引,索引旁還有小張的照片,接著在索引下方就是最大的標題,也是當天報紙的頭條新聞.


在Opelika-Auburn News Opelika, Ala的頭版,在又上方有小小的種類索引,但是沒有照片.



我覺得我個人比較喜歡Star-Banner Ocala, Fla,

Star-Banner Ocala, Fla的報紙整個版面編排採用鮮豔的色彩配色,用活潑的方式呈現,版面上的照片會很吸引讀者的視線,版面編排方式方便讀者閱讀.


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    I find the (Star-Banner Ocala, Fla) and (Opelika-Auburn News Opelika, Ala) of these two sites to compare the news site.

    In the Star-Banner Ocala, Fla the front page of newspapers at the top of a range of the index, there are Sally next to the photo, then the largest in the index is below the title, is also the day the newspaper headlines.

    There are three big front-page color photos and two color photos Sally, left the weather, the bottom is advertising.

    In the Opelika-Auburn News Opelika, Ala the front page, also in small type at the top of the index, but no photos.

    Next is greatly title, there are three big front-page color photos and a photo of Sally, still below the weather and ads.

    A final conclusion, two kinds of newspapers, in fact, have Manduo not the same place, like news content. Photos. Advertisements. Title.

    I feel that I personally prefer Star-Banner Ocala, Fla,

    Star-Banner Ocala, Fla newspapers throughout the layouts used bright colors color, with lively and showed the way, the photograph on the layout will be very attracted the attention of readers, layouts way for readers.

    Read the English-language newspaper is really a good way to learn English, enhance their reading ability, the newspaper has the advantage of English-language newspaper written by the content of what is in the things around them, even if not read Chinese newspaper, watching television news also somewhat concept Therefore, a newspaper turned to see the picture probably know what is said, after a report read to see do not know, once again, in an effort to read all the news that day. Do not rely on English-language newspaper dictionary, because no one Cha Zidian the fun of the papers and watch television.

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