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英文翻譯 請個位大大幫我一下!!





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    My english name is xxx, my nickname is xxx. I am 13 years old, I live in xxx. I have a father, a mother, and an elder brother( 這句的中文部份邏輯不太對,大部份人不會有一個以上的爸媽... :-),建議說 other than my parents, I have an elder brother). Despite how busy my father is, he always makes me laugh. My mother appears very gentle, but there will not be one second of quietness wherever she is. My elder brother is very handsome, he is ten years older than me. He is very nice to me, so much so I do not know how to thank him. I am good at math, if you ever had any math questions you can ask me. My interest is traveling around the world. I travel abroad every year. Now I wish I can finish my junior high and then study abroad to achieve my goal.

    Above are my self introduction.

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    This is the first time I introduce myself in English, Pardon me if there was any mistake.

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    This is my first English self-introduction, if there are mistakes to understand

    My English name is xxx, my childhood name is xxx, my thirteen-year-old, I live in xxx, I have a father, mother, brother, my father always gave me laugh, despite how busy his work , My mother seemed very modest, but as long as she has no place in the second, is a quiet, my brother very Shuai Gas, he told me the difference ten years old, but he told me very good, good I do not know how to thank He, my expertise is math, if there are any mathematical problem you can find me that my interest is around the world, I will go abroad each year, now I hope I can finish in the good of the country and abroad to study, completed I ideal. These are my self-introduction

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    My English name is xxx, my childhood name is xxx, my this year 13

    years old, I live in xxx, I have a daddy, mother, elder brother, my

    daddy always laughs heartily to me, although his work has busily, my

    mother looked resembles extremely temperately, but so long as has her

    in a place second has not been peaceful, my elder brother extremely

    commander-in-chief was mad, he differs 10 years old with me, but he to

    my unusual good, is good to me all did not know how thank him, my

    specialty is mathematics, if has any mathematics question you to be

    allowed to look for me, My interest is the link swims the world, I can

    go abroad every year, now I hoped I may well read the country in, to

    overseas studies, completes my ideal. Above is my self introduction

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