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偉凱 asked in 科學工程學 · 1 decade ago


本工程之主要電力系統由大樓緊急發電機線路供給,銜接到大樓地下室ACB PANEL後給予UPS雙系統雙電源及旁路切換,主要提供給交易室及辦公區域之UPS插座,用來供給電腦避免停電造成之損失,由UPS系統來防止停電之瞬間斷路並持續供電,再由大樓之緊急發電機發電後穩定供應電源,除了UPS電源插座外,也安裝一般的台電供給的電源插座,另外空調及燈具等設備是連接到大樓緊急發電機之線路,將不會有停電之疑慮。

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    The primary electricity system of this construction is supplied by a building emergency power generator, which is connected to a ACB panel in the basement of the building, and provides dual system and dual power and bypass switch to UPS, and mainly for the UPS outlet in the trade room and office, is used to provide power to computer to avoid damage caused from electricity service interruption. Continuous supplies electricity by the UPS to prevent the suddenly power-off, and steady provides power by the building emergency power generator. Besides of the UPS power outlet, also installs power outlet of Taipower, and the air condition and lamp apparatus are connected to the circuit of building emergency power generator, so as to prevent electricity service interruption.

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    This project main electrical power system by building urgent generator line supplies, links up gives the UPS double system double power source and the bypass cut after building basement ACB PANEL, mainly provides UPS of plug to the trading room and the work region, uses for the supplies computer to avoid power cut causes the losses, by the UPS system prevented the power cut the instantaneous abruption and supplies power continually, again the urgent generator electricity generation stably supplies the power source after the building. Besides UPS power source plug, also installs the power source plug which common Taiwan Telegraphic Transmission supplies, moreover equipment and so on air conditioning and lamps and lanterns connect line of the building urgent generator, will not be able to have anxiety of the power cut.

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