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1. 先生(或小姐),今天買三瓶可以打七九折喔!!

2. 先生(或小姐),您可以抽個獎喔!

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    To make them easier:

    1.先生 (或小姐),今天買三瓶可以打七九折喔!!

    Sir (Madam), Buy 3 of this, you get 21% off today.

    八九折=11% off

    七九折=21% off

    六九折=31% off

    五九折=41% off

    Buy 4 of this, you may get 1 free.(買4送1=共5個)

    Buy one get the second one half price.(買兩個, 第二個半價)

    2. 先生 (或小姐),(因為你花了多少錢)您可以抽個獎喔!

    Sir(Madam), (because you spend $50/100/500 today), you may draw a price here.

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    九折= 10% off (ten percent off)

    八折= 20% off (twenty percent off)

    五折= 50% off (fifty percent off, or half price)

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    10% 打9折

    20% 打8折

    1. Master(Mister), today buy 3 is on sale 7 9 discounts!!

    2. ......................, please take a lottery for yourself.

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    Mister /Miss

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    好饒舌的說法, buy three get 21% off,簡單明瞭

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    1. Mr. (or Miss), we have 21% off(twenty one percentage off) for

    three bottles(3瓶).

    2. Mr. (or Miss), you can draw out an award.


    8折: 20% off (twenty percentage off)

    9折: 10% off(ten percentage off)

    65折: 35% off(thirty five percentage off) 以此類推!

    What is on sale today? 今天有什麼特價(折扣)的?

    Is the cloth on sale? 這件衣服有折扣嗎?

    We have on sale for the drink. 今天飲料有折扣(特價)


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    1. Mr.(or Ms),you will get 21% off when you purchase 3 of the same item together.

    2. Mr.(or Ms),you are eligible for a prize draw.

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    21% (twenty-one percent)

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