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Anonymous asked in 電腦與網際網路軟體 · 1 decade ago


以輕鬆方式寫出短篇書信,假設你現在服務於某家公司, 該公司要求你寫封welcome email給顧客, 請你以50個字來寫這封email




Dear Sir:



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    Hello, I am presently working at XXX company. I am pleased to have the chance to provide you our service, and I hope to bring you satisfaction. If you have any further problems, feel welcome to contact me at this e-mail address. I will be glad to answer all questions. Thank you for your precious time.

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    前面加Dear Sir,比較好

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    請問示歡迎何事, 來訪, 來看產品,到你們網頁,有固定對象還是沒有?

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