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處罰不單是打罵,運用『集點競賽』也是個好方法,表現出色優秀的小孩可以得到貼紙 或蓋章 累積到一個程度即可兌換小獎品,藉此鼓勵小孩不要犯錯,當然犯錯的小孩自然失去『集點』的機會,而得不到獎品及點數自然成為一種『處罰』!

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    Punishments have meant not only beating and scolding; on the other hand, the Collecting Points (stamps or stickers) competition is also a good method as a punishment. For example, the kids who behave excellently can have one stamp or sticker. When they collect those points untill an unmber (teacher can decide what number should be!), they can use those points to change a gift. Therefore, the kids who have made mistakes will not be able to collect points; then, the situation of losing chances to get points and gifts can be another kind of punishments naturally. As a result, kids might learn to avoid making mistakes and behave better.





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    Punishment is not merely cursed and beat, it is a good method too to use " collecting some contests ", it is an exchangeable small prize that the outstanding child can get and stick to the paper or stamp and accumulate to a degree that does well, encouraging children not to make a mistake by this, the child who certainly makes a mistake loses the chance of " collecting one " naturally , and can not get prizes and count to become a kind of " punish " naturally !

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