Attractions for my summer vacation in Taiwan?

I will go to Taiwan for my summer vacation. Is there any recommended attractions and hotels?

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    Assuming you have two weeks, a good budget, and no particular goal beyond just seeing the island, then one suggested approach would be to focus on three general areas: 1) urban society and culture; 2) the ocean, and 3) the mountains.

    To cover these areas, I'd recommend Taipei, Hualian, Tainan, and Kaohsiung. The best hotels in Taipei are Westin, Sherwood, Formosa Regent, and Far East Plaza. Mid-range places include Howard Plaza, Lai-Lai Sheraton, and Asiaworld (forgot what it's called now). Or If you're limited on budget, there are a couple of nice hotels in the suburbs (newly opened Holiday Inn in Shenkeng and Four Points in Chungho), but I'd recommend staying in the city. Howard Plaza has a couple of smaller places in its chain, one called Green Garden. The Fullerton isn't bad, as well as Hondo, Donghua, and a few other smaller places. All very affordable and near places to eat and drink.

    Lots of attractions in Taipei, and ease of getting around depends on language capabilities. Lots of friendly people with some English capability, but, assuming you don't speak Chinese, it's much easier to get around if you have a guide. But good places to see include the malls and shopping areas (especially Warner Village in the Hsinyi district), 101 Building, Yangmingshan (Yangming Mountain), and maybe a day trip to Jiufen, a small rustic mountain town near Jilong. If you're American, maybe go see a movie in Taipei - you'll be amazed by the cleanliness and order of the theaters there. I'm not a big night market guy, but the Shihlin night market can be interesting. The Palace Museum is another attraction.

    For night life, depends on what you like, but Anho Road has quite a few places not far from the Far East Hotel, as does the Dunhua/Fuhsing North Road areas.

    To get a feel for the power of Taiwan's economy, a visit to the Hsinchu Science, or perhaps the Southern Park in Tainan, with the massive semiconductor fabrication facilities, can be awesome.

    Hualian is on the other side of the mountains, on Taiwan's east coast. Some of the most beautiful scenery in the world. It's where you can go from some of the highest mountains in the region down to the ocean in the span of an hour. It's worth at least one full day to go to Toroko Gorge, and then maybe to the beach right near the Air Force base there. There's a couple of good pubs in the middle of the city. Parkview Hotel is the only place I've stayed at, and it's nice.

    From Taipei, and maybe after a one night/one day trip to Hualian, taking the high speed rail south could be a great experience. On the rail, Tainan is the place to go to see traditional Taiwan. The Landis Hotel is nice. For history, check out the Anping fort, where the Dutch established their base in the 17th century and Koxinga established his center. Taiwan's best temples are in Tainan as well.

    Finally, Kaohsiung is good to check out to provide a contrast with Taipei. The hotel in the Tuntex Tower (part of the Formosa Regent chain and tallest building in Kaohsiung) is pretty cool, and there's a good restaurant/bar with live band in the top floor. Beyond that, can tour the harbor and walk around the streets for a awhile. The beach in Kenting is about a two hour bus ride from Kaohsiung, and could be worth your time. The crowds roll in during the summer, which I suppose is to be expected. In general, if a beach vacation is what you're looking for, there could be better places in the region, whether Philippines or Thailand. But Kenting could still be worth a look, especially the town at night.

    Good luck!

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    A few places to check out in Taipei include the National Palace Museum, with a very large Chinese antiquities collection taken from when the Guomintang fled China.

    The Taipei zoo is actually quite nice, as far as zoos go, it will suprise you how well it is set up.

    Taipei 101 is a given.

    Shr-Lin night market. If you like to try different foods and shop for cheap things.

    Red Hair's Castle in Tamshuei.

    Snake alley. If you wanted to eat snakes or look at Chinese medicinal supplements that are probably illegal both here and in your country. Or if you wanted to watch someone else eat snakes.

    All of these locations mentioned can be reached using the MRT and buses.

    If you want some nature: YangMingShan National Park nearby Taipei has some good treks.

    If you can escape Taipei, you can see Taroko Gorge (Tairuga) in Hualien.

    Sun Moon Lake in Nantou county.

    Kenting National Park in PingTong county.

    Love River in Kaosiung.

    Red Castle in Tainan. Same as the red castle in Taipei's Tamshuei area but was built first.

    And of course if you like waterparks or amusement parks there are a few of those.

    Hotels are everywhere.

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    Ha, I have visited Taiwan. It is really a beautiful island.

    If you go to Taiwan, you must visit the capital of Taiwan-Taipei.

    It is a very modern and prosperous city. You can go to Taipei 101 for shopping, and lots of night market for tasting local snacks. For more information about Taipei, you may refer to the Taipei Tourism

    Also, Kenting is a best choice for your summer. It is located in the south part of Taiwan. The blue sky and the deep ocean are the features in Kenting.

    For more information, you may refer to

    The websites I offered include the nearby hotels.

    If you have ample time, you can visit famous attractions in different parts of Taiwan as following:

    • Danshui Town

    • Alishan (Mt. Ali) Scenic Area

    • Yilan- Jiaosi Hot Springs

    • Hualien- Taroko National Park

    • Kenting- Kenting National Park

    • Sun Moon Lake Scenic Area

    • Taipei- Shilin Night Market

    • Taipei- National Palace Museum

    • Taipei- Xingtian Temple

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    Taiwan’s magic combination of extremely steep terrain, hard often volcanic rock and copious rainfall makes the island a waterfall-lover’s paradise.

    Apart from the occasional giant such as 450 meter-high Jiaolung Waterfall in Chiayi County most of the island’s waterfalls aren’t especially high or mighty, but they’re often magical.

    Prime candidate would be the secret Yuemeikeng Waterfall close to the popular hot spring resort of Jiaosi in eastern Yilan County.

    A wooded ridge studded with old and beautiful temples and monasteries inhabited by grizzled old monks, shrouded in a picturesque misty veil for much of the year,

    Lion’s Head Mountain Shitoushan,is Taiwan’s answer to those amazing Buddhist sacred mountains in China such as Mt. Emei and Mt. Jiuhua.

    Like those much larger Chinese giants, on sunny weekends Lion’s Head Mountain attracts hoards of visitors, who come to enjoy this important center of worship and the beautiful surroundings.

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    Go 2 101 in taipei


    come visit me

    cuz i'll b in taiwan during the sb 2

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    most schools re-start by the beginning of September. Most schools have summer vacation running from the beginning of July until the end of August (2 months) but lots of bushibans and private schools do not do this, but will usually only close for 1 to 2 weeks in the summer and run 'summer camps' for parents who wish to torment their children some more during the summer. Most homestays are available year round, in September the vacancy rate probably would be up, you might find it easier to get a place during September.

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    :):) Kingston D, you too know a lot about this Country.

    If you need some Ideas of a travel plan:

    Hotels-call them directly-Good 3* in Ximenting or Taipei Station areas.


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    If you're into night clubs, there are good night clubs in taipei. if you're interested in scenary, then go to the south.

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    You must indicate more in order to give you better answer. Or else, ask Ajeet M, he will know.

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