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I work at Victorias Secret and hurt my back while lifting boxes... help please!?

First of all, let me say they treat their employees like dirt and never in my life have felt more belittled. I have a great job working with children, so I made it very clear this is just a summer job until the school year starts. ANYWAY, I was lifting, loading, and unpacking Monday afternoon when I felt a slight "twinge" in my back. It didn't hurt, just felt strange. So yesterday morning I woke up and my back was throbbing, and any move I make it feels as if knives are stabbing my lower back. I have done this before, I pinched a nerve and it is sending pain down my legs. My question is what should I do about work? I have a call in shift tomorrow, so they may not even need me to come in, but should I tell them I hurt myself and request workmans comp, or how does that even work? I am physically iunable to work tomorrow if I have to work in the back again. I think I can handle selling bras, but I will break if I have to pick up another 50 lb box. If I get workmens comp, do I get paid? I jist started working, and feel terrible using their money which I have hardly worked as it is... This is a very broad question. What would you do?

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    Tell the manager immediately that you hurt your back lifting boxes. He/She should offer you a workmans comp form to fill out and they will send you their own doctors. If they do not offer it then you need to see a personal injury attorney who works on contingency (free until settling) and then they will direct you as to what you should do. Sounds like a herniated disc. Get an ice pack and put it on your back. Good luck.

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    I am going through it now and have been doing so for almost a year. Trust what I am telling you. First, call and retain a reputable Workman's comp attorney. They will direct you to a good doctor (one not on the insurance company's side - they are many and YOU dint know who they are). Second, don't rush yourself back to work. You are entitled to 66% of your average weekly wages. ie; if u make $100 per week, they'll pay you $66 per week. It may take a week or two to kick in. BEWARE, administration will try to be nice to you, but remember they are really seeking to cover their asses.

    Mainly, speak with an attorney before you speak to another soul about it. Your obligation should be to protect your health, yourself and your future earning potential. Goodluck!

    Source(s): My RN background and the best teacher of all- experience!
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    defintely have your injury medically verified and DO IT NOW

    forget about the call in shift and go to a doctor

    any future claim of injury will be discounted if it is not medically verified at the time

    You are defitely entitled to workmans comp so file. Go to the local us labor dept to find out how

    take it easy and if you go back tell them you cant work lifting heavey boxes

    It is not worth ruining your health for a job ending in a couple months.If they treat their employess like dirt dont feel bad about Their money. file for the benefits of workmans comp you are entitled to

    Sorry to hear that it is victorias secret that is giving you a hard time because I am a regular customer at the one here in burlington and they seem pretty nice but the one in your town is prolly run by less than nice peeps

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    you HAVE to file an accident report. See your boss tomorrow regardless of working or not working. Legally, you have 2-3 days in most states to file, but a lot of places require it within 24 hours and some want a urine test to make sure you weren't on anything when you got hurt (those are usually driving jobs driving a company truck).

    Once you've filed the report then they give you a list of certain doctors you can go to. You must keep all your documents and records and give V.S. a copy of the records/bills.

    Don't be embarrassed about it...whether you got hurt in the first month or the 5th month, it's their responsibility to cover it if it happened there. Besides, you said that particular V.S. was hell to work for, so I certainly wouldn't feel bad about it. If they are rude to you over it, or fire you or anything like that, it's considered discrimination.

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    i am a nurse and i recently hurt my back at work by falling and i have a herniated disc at L5, S1 and a torn disc at L4, L5 and @ C6, C7. you would think that being the assistant director of nursing at the facility that they would have been a little more gracious towards me but like you they treated me like i did something wrong. take my advice and go to the manager and let them know what happened to you asap!!! then go immediately to the ER and get evaluated. you need to start a record of the injury. when you go let the registration let them know that it is a work injury so that you don't have to pay for the bill.

    the job may require you to see their doc but by law you can see any doc that you want...don't be fooled by them telling you otherwise. see what the doc tells you before you go any further.

    once you make the first step email me and i will let you know where to go from there.

    in the meantime, if you aren't allergic to aspirin, take ibuprofen (motrin) for the pain. it will relieve pain and decrease the inflammation from the muscle tissues which is causing the throb and nerves to be pinched.

    God bless you and i hope that your injury isn't as bad as mine. by the way, you will only get paid if you are off for 3 days. if the doc takes you off of work up to 3 days you will be comped for 1 day. if you are off for 14+days you will be paid 66.75%of your average wage all the way back to first day off. then you will get paid on the same pay table as normal but at the 66.75% rate until you are able to go back to work.

    Source(s): nurse and injured on job too!
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    in my opinion, i wouldnt even work, that day, money can wait but ur health cant, so go see a doctor, you might need a xray done to take a look, espeically if its a twinge, go see a doctor

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    I would get a belt for carrying :P it might help ;] good luck.

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    try to see a chiropractor....and omg.lifting boxes.........I wouldnt do that and thanks for telling me because I was thinking of doing an application there and I dont want to have any back problems.....try to see the chiropractor ;)

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