How do u ollie while moving??? Also how do u ollie higher?


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  • 1 decade ago
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    first dont get tight cause u cant ollie or do a trick cause when ur mad u end up breaking ur board (not worth it). pro skater just ride mellow and have fun with it, not to say that the dont get extremely heated and break their boards(but guess what, they get new boards for free the next day, and maybe when ur sponsered u can do that too, until then just chillax and have fun)

    i always tell people to learn ollies moving cause there easier and higher. Stationary ollies usually are harder to scoop and even out. Try to ride at a comfortable speen, give it a little pop and try to scoop and jump with the board forwards. Skating is a science u have to factor in ur speed and balance as u put ur feet in an ollie position, the faster u go the higher u might want to put ur front foot cause ull end up having an ollie that credit cards u or just is uneven and lands on the back wheels first.

    to ollie higher u got to know ur own skill and be able to time when u reach the pinnacle of ur ollie, also master ur footing.

    this link ecplains olleing higher a little more detailed

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    4 years ago

    all i ought to assert is prepare it in one spot for a on an analogous time as so your legs gets greater and as quickly as you're able to do it ok try it whiile driving in basic terms setup an analogous way its comparable to doing it in one spot

  • 1 decade ago

    hey r u a guy named tanner if it is then its me man.....but wat ever just ollie while ure rolling not hrd at heelflip while moving is harder than heck.....cant do move and heelflip to hard......well bye get back to me if ure tanner

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