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Bare mineral make up?

I'm 15 and I'm looking to try bare mineral makeup! Which means it's pure enough to sleep in and its cruelty free? Right? I've been saving up for a while now and I live in Canada, Vancouver, does anyone know any stores around here? If not where can I find nice ones online? All answers appreciated!

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    Bare Minerals is great makeup. The ingredients in the makeup are all natural and they don't contain harsh chemicals or ingredients that can be harmful to the skin. And I love that Bare Minerals does not test it's products on animals, I am very big on buying products that are not tested on animals. You can purchase Bare Minerals on the Sephora website ( or the Bare Escentuals website (

    Here is the link from the Sephora website so you can check out Bare Minerals:

    Good Luck, I hope this information helped *_*

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    There is no such thing as makeup pure enough to sleep in. IT is a load of crap. (i have been working in the beauty industry for 10 yrs)

    If you want cruelty free, look on the peta website and it has a list of companys that do and don't do animal testing.

    Mary kay has a great mineral foundation and do not test on animals, it costs less than bare minerals/.

    Good luck

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    I use bare minerals and I absolutely love it. I do not know if it is pure enough to sleep in though. I don't trust the make up enough to ruin my skin by sleeping in it. During the day it gives me a flawless look and every night I simply wash my face (no make up remover involved) Any sephora near you would sell the bare minerals. I strongly recommend you use bare minerals. It is so light it feels like you aren't wearing anything but it looks beautiful.

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    If you're in Canada, I'd check out Cover Fx. The minerals used are more therapeutic so your skin will look better than it ever has. It's made in Canada. Cruelty free.

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    just go on bare and see if they can deliver where you live and they have really good costumer service. i have bare minerals and it works very good you can't even tell i have on makeup and I'm 15 too.

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    youre so lucky to live in canada!!

    thats like the mac cosmetics capital of the world!

    so try mac!

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    Mary Kay DOES test on animals! So does Avon...You need to do your research...

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