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Rock/metal band life style?

From local rockers to big time, what is the lifestyle of a metal/rock band? Just curious. And whats the best way to find a good band

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    buddy i suggest you start listening to rock music...once you get hooked on certain bands you'll be compelled to look up their lives on wikipedia.

    you question is very very broad. i dont know where to start...well when they first form obviously they have to like the same style of rock to vibe together, and the chemistry between each others' personalities makes them able to stay together. id have to say a majority of the time (especially for metal) the lifestyle encompasses alcohol and/or drugs. they create albums and go on tour to promote that album as well as just for the sake of playing live (fortunately for us). then they take a big break to spend time with family and friends before later finally going back to the studio to make more music.

    being a professional rock star has its ups and downs for sure...ur being paid mega bucks, u get to write your own music and playing live is a blast (only experience ive had is at a talent show), you make your best friends of ur life. downsides: once you become famous in anything ur exposed to more risky behavior (aka drugs/alcohol), u lose time to spend with ur family and friends (other than band members), and ur also faced with pressure with each album release. bands many times go through phases in which the style of their music evolves with each album (or one album that represents change all-together).

    to find new bands what i wud do is just listen to what music ur friends like, and from there you will build a base of artists that you like. also, the internet has infinite uses and this would be one of them- just go on youtube and watch videos of many musical artists to get a feel for what you like.

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    I know people in quite a few metal bands, two are professional and signed, and they are all older guys. they live a pretty normal life, the only difference is they are on the road a few months a year. but they do all the normal things you do, watch movies, play their instruments, write new songs, play video games, and sleep. then jam 45 min. every night in front of people and get back on their buss and do it over the next day. rarely are they partying and drinking on the buss. they hang out with people for about an hour after the show but then they are ready to get back on the buss and have their privacy, and most of the time they really want to be back home. as far as the younger bands I am sure its different.

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    hey, it starts with finding the band, which just ask around who plays what among your friends and start throwin stuff together. its a good idea to start with cover songs, that away you know how the other guys play. it starts out slow and few shows most dont pay. but if you dont have good equipment then your first few shows wont be to hot. then you might change people in your band bc of conflicts. after you have your final line up you may start writing songs. your first my be your best or worst, then you'll right alot. eventually you'll make alot of decent songs so then you make an EP or demo cd. that cost money, which you wont have unless you have another job. you'll record and then sell them, its tough to figure out how to mass sale tho. then you may sell shirts. then you get bigger show and bigger shows until you open for pro bands. then if you go on tour, your gone a long time, you get tired, homesick, bored, and run into the ground. i haven't toured yet but i know alot who have. thats about where i am right now. and about getting signed. its basically by God. you basically have to have connections. lastly WEAR EARPLUGS, otherwise you get bad hearing damage. you may think it sounds cool to tell your friends you have hearing damage from your band but it hurts, it feels like you have your ear right next to an open bass drum. also always act nice to other bands cuz they may just be your connections some day. good luck

    Source(s): in a band called Table For Twevle, opened for Children 18:3 and Stellar Kart
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