What is to blame for high food prices, growing corn for ethanol or growing crops to feed livestock?

with so many people blaming the use of corn crops for ethanol raising food prices, why isn't anyone complaining about corn crops being use to feed livestock for meat?

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  • gone
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    1 decade ago
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    Anytime gasoline prices rise so does the groceries. Along with the falling dollar.

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    That would be because we were using corn to feed animals before prices went up - what's changed is the use of corn for ethanol. Keep in mind also what happens if you follow your logic to its ultimate conclusion - - protein is more filling and has more calories than grains. If we didn't eat the meat, and just sent the corn to market (or, planted all grade A corn instead of cow corn, and sent the grade A corn to market), then to the extent we now eat meat, we'd have to eat a lot more grain. So the net demand - supply equation wouldn't change.

    What's causing the present inflation is the same thing that has caused all past inflation - - loose monetary policy.

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    Actually, there isn't a problem with the amount of corn, despite using some being used for ethanol or for livestock. There isn't a shortage of corn for human consumption. The problem is the cost of transport, directly tied to the cost of gasoline. You can blame oil speculators for that one.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    ethanol has a huge effect. But all prices are up, way up.

    One reason is the price of fertilizer has skyrocketed. The main supplier of one of the chemicals is in China. They've shut them down til after the Olypmics because of pollution.

    The flood has ravaged them in the midwest too.

    Hamburger will be 7$ pound by next spring

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  • asking
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    1 decade ago

    because we've always had to feed livestock, ethanol is "new" in this respect...so ethanol....I have an ethanol plant in the same city where I live, and I think its a gross attempt to make money while rising food costs....ethanol is 10 cents less than regular fuel...we are paying $4.19 a gallon for gas and an ethanol plant shares our zip code

    this is one subject where i am certainly not a "liberal"-ethanol is not a valid alternative to our fuel crisis

  • haffey
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    3 years ago

    there continues to be a manner in the direction of distrusting ethanol fairly in older automobiles and nonetheless in many international locations foodstuff production has no saved p.c.. with the upward thrust inhabitants what stable will producing gas for much greater automobiles do ? actual we could constantly be increasing foodstuff production on condition that foodstuff fees have jumped over the final ten years or greater foodstuff equals decrease fees for purchasers and growing to be our very own foodstuff ability much less chemical aspects and much less foodstuff imports sems greater smart than for gas.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Livestock is food. Cows, pigs, chickens, eggs, turkey and fish all farm fed with corn. Yum.

  • 1 decade ago

    High gas prices & soon-all the floods.

  • 1 decade ago

    that is best left to speculators... we thrive on profit padding, ask the default homeowners..

    I knew we were going to get taxed sooner or later...

    Face Reality or Reality will Face You.... ooopss, guess it is facing some already..

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