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Anonymous asked in Arts & HumanitiesGenealogy · 1 decade ago

I'm researching my heritage, and...?

I'm looking for a man named Joseph Burnett (1864-1962) and I'm wondering if anyone can help me? Maybe point me in the right direction?

Is there anywhere you reccomend I look? Any help is appreciated.

~The Otaku Twins~

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    These are some listings on census

    Name: Joseph Burnett

    Birth: abt 1864 - Minnesota

    Residence: 1870 - Spring Lake, Scott, Minnesota

    1930 United States Federal Census

    Name: Joseph Burnett

    Home in 1930: Jacksonville, Calhoun, Alabama

    Age: 65

    Estimated Birth Year: abt 1865

    Birthplace: Alabama

    Relation to Head of House: Head

    Spouse's Name: Frances

    Race: Black

    Household Members: Name-- Age

    Joseph Burnett-- 65

    Frances Burnett --43

    Lillie Burnett --16

    Wallace L Patterson-- 1 8/12 (1 yr. 8 mon; Grandson )

    1900 census:

    Name: Joseph Burnett

    Home in 1900: Eagle Creek, Clackamas, Oregon

    Age: 36

    Estimated Birth Year: abt 1864

    Birthplace: Oregon

    Relationship to head-of-house: Head

    Spouse's Name: Addie

    Race: White

    Household Members: Name-- Age

    Joseph Burnett-- 36

    Addie Burnett --30

    Gussie Burnett --10

    Mattie Lee Burnett-- 9

    Name: Joseph Burnett

    Spouse: Mable

    Birth: abt 1864 - Minnesota

    Residence: 1900 - Vance Creek, Barron, Wisconsin

    Race: White

    North Carolina Death Certificates, 1909-1975

    Name: Joseph Burnett

    Birth: abt 1864 - Virginia, United States

    Death: 21 Aug 1916 - Morganton 2;Morganton, Burke

    1880 United States Census

    Joseph C. BURNETT

    Birth Year 1864

    Birthplace-- MN

    Age --16

    Occupation-- Works On Farm

    Marital Status--Single

    Race --White

    Head of Household --Nathan S. BURNETT

    Relation --Son

    Father's Birthplace ME

    Mother's Birthplace ME

    Census Place Spring Lake, Scott, Minnesota

    Census - 1881 British Census

    Joseph BURNETT - 1881 British Census / Durham

    Son Gender: Male Birth: <1864> Victoria Sanahurn, Australia

    International Genealogical Index - British Isles

    JOSEPH BURNETT - Gender: Male

    Christening: 09 FEB 1864; Sedgefield, Durham, England


    Mother: DOROTHY

    JOSEPH NATHANIEL BURNETT - Gender: Male Christening: 26 OCT 1864 Saint Peter, Barbados, Caribbean


    JOSEPH BURNETT - Gender: Male

    Birth: 1864 , Marion, Tennessee



    (If any of these sound familiar, send me an email--in my profile--and I'll see what else I can find. We often need more than just birth and death years. For instance, today there are 2,144,695 people in the U.S. with the first name Joseph--10th most popular first name, and there are 70,018 people in the U.S. with the last name Burnett, the 490th most popular last name. There are 493 people in the U.S. named Joseph Burnett, according to

    So, it helps a great deal to have birthplace, race (if known), at least one parent's name, etc. to really do a thorough search for someone.)

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    if you want help here, the continent he lived on (and country he lived in, if "Continent' isn't Australia) would help. County would help even more.

    I would reccommend:

    The surname board at Ancestry

    The surname board at GenForum

    The appropriate County board at Ancestry

    The appropriate County board at Genforum

    His obituary

    Roots Web World Connect

    The BURNETT RW Mailing list

    The appripriate RW county mailing list

    Google search with exact phrase

    LDS 1880

    Write to me via my profile if you need links for any of these suggestions.

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    undergo in concepts one component approximately gaining knowledge of your ancestry, almost everybody are no longer one ethnicity. counting on whilst your ancestors arrived here can effect how confusing is would be to spoke back your question. we tend to apply our fathers surname to hint our ethnic history yet undergo in concepts (as you're looking out) that your ancestors weren't continuously from the comparable ethnic history. My 5th large-grandfather (the single that has my surname) arrived here from eire in 1733. on the 5th large-grandparent point there are 128 people you draw your ethnic history from. initiate mutually with your mothers and dads(2), grandparents (4), large-grandparents(8), etc. As an African American you will maximum in all hazard run into extra undertaking in looking information documenting what different ethnic communities you belong to. there has been different attempt made in the previous couple of years in looking and publishing information for those with an African American history. sturdy success on your seek!!

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    try - I looked at it breifly for you and it found a lot of them born around the same time, it gives you a spouse (if listed on the census) and the area they were located.

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    I have and will look and see what I can find for you. Do you have any other information on him. What state he lived in? parents names? spouse name? etc. Give me as much information as you can on him and I will see what I can find.

    Email me at

  • 1 decade ago is usually good, if i had any other ideas id tell u, but, i dont...

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