I need help finding a new cell phone...?

I have a nokia 6555 and am on atat. I absolutley hate this phone.. the battery does not last and the vibrate is annoying.. I could keep going..

for my new cell phone you should know that

i'm hard on my phones i keep my phone normally in my pocket and i drop my phone..

the other thing you should know is that i text constantly..

what i want for my new phone is..

a non flip phone or slid..

a phone that can hold charge for more than a day

a good camera

a not so annoying vibrate

smiley faces that are automatically in the phone and easy to access

small size..

doesn't turn off on own.

and a phone that doesnt unlock itself and start calling people..

a recorder

thank you sooo much if you can help me

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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    1. Go to letstalk.com

    2. When you get there click the SEE RESULTS button.

    3. Then click ADVANCED SEARCH

    4. And then pick the things that you want.



    1. Go here.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago


    It IS a flip, but it's amazing. Best phone I've ever had.

    I have it, and if you are just gonna get it because it's purple, don't. It's way darker in real life.

    BTW, flip phones are way better, because there's no possible way for it to unlock itself and call people.

  • 1 decade ago

    ur bieng WAY to picky and u need to modify ur search... sorry but nuttin like that on market now... most r flips and slides.. enV is good xcept for the non-flip... the only flip part is to get to the FULL keyboard. but the dialing and all is on the ront and it is solid! i u want to buy one then u need to go to amazon and buy one for 130 dollars instead of buying 1 for 349.99... think bout it! hehe big dif!

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