There are some persons who give people a "Loh" means "Slate or Board, in which some Ayats are written?

they also treat people with colour thrapy, and do the Maraqba, some of them are stationed at Karachi called Silsala Azeemia, they have Maraqba Hall in different cities,

Is this way is right? or it is another Biddah? they also answer of people questions in t.v and newspapers.

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  • Manaf
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    1 decade ago
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    Definately Bid'ah.....seems as if our Desi countries are covered with Bid'ah.....

  • 1 decade ago

    Giving such gifts its a good gesture, so there is no harm in giving Lohs n all.

    Maraqaba, well its another form of relaxing people through Islamic way. But in that there are some ways of it being halal or haram. I have seen a Dar ul Ufta fatwa in this regard where they have stated that so n so.. form of maraqaba is halal.

    so making people sit and making them feel intoxicated and away from this world n all is wrong, bidah. but the other way of spiritually healing them, in Islamic way is halal.

    Rest Allah knows the best~!

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