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Catholics, is there anti-African American bias in your church?

Comparatively few blacks, comparatively little


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    Not at all. It's just that comparatively fewer African-Americans in the US have adopted Catholicism than Protestantism, in part because Catholicism itself is not as prevalent in the South where African-American faith traditions largely began. But there are notable exceptions. Justice Clarence Thomas is Catholic, and parishes with a majority of African-American members can be found in many larger archdioceses across the country (such as Blessed Sacrament in St. Louis).

    In addition, 16 U.S. bishops are African-American, including the Most Reverend Wilton Gregory who is not only the archibishop of Georgia but also a recent past president of the US Council of Catholic Bishops.

    Here are some pertinent demographics:

    And resources for further information on African-American Catholic ministries, communities of religious, and lay organizations:

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    There are fewer Catholics between African people, as a rule stemming from the certainty that traditionally, even African American families who've lived interior the North for over a century have Southern roots. different than Louisiana and doubtless around some greater cities, Catholism isn't that easy interior the South and grew to become into even much less simple interior the days of slavery and merely after that. i'm no longer able to think of of any fashionable African people who're Catholic off hand, yet i'm confident there are some. maximum greater cities with super numbers of African people have parishes that are as a rule Black. St. Louis, Chicago, manhattan, New Orleans etc. probable all have all or merely about all Black parishes. yet in cities like St. Louis the place as quickly as as a rule Irish or German Catholic aspects are growing to be African American over the final 40 years or so, lots of the parish church homes close because of the fact there are fewer African American Catholics.

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    Sin is everywhere. Unfortunately, in some places and with some people there is some bias. I have not seen it with the clergy where I live, but it may exist in private and therefore I would not see it. There certainly is no bias in any worship service or social events. in the Milwaukee Archdiocese. Black Catholics in Milwaukee have initiated and supported the school choice program. This has been great for all the poor students on a city wide basis,for all Christian schools (mostly Luthern and Catholic) and many secular schools. Catholic grade and high schools have made a great effort to recruit black students. Capachin Franciscans have made it a special work of theirs to work with Blacks. The late Mayor Washington of Chicago graduated from a Capachin high school in Milwawukee. That school has since closed but been replaced by a newer and academicly stronger Messmer High School. Tuition is partially subsidzed by members of the diocese. One of the most generous contributors was a member of a wealthy brewing family. I was in NYC about 10 years ago. They celebrate Martin Luther King's Birthday in June. There was a parade on Fifth Avenue. Most of the participants were from Catholic High Schools. They all had a large contingent of people in the parade. Is there bias, yes. But the minds of the young are rejecting the unjust attitudes of their parents. Will bias ever disappear completely? No. I knew an Irish guy who hated Germans, Italians, Jews, and Blacks. He was a sick, twisted man. He was my brother. May he rest in peace.

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    I have no idea as I am not a Catholic nor an African-American, but I do think the Catholic church should respect all blacks more. I've heard many people say the next pope should be from Africa because there are many more African Catholics than there are European ones.

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    I am white

    I used to be Catholic. My family attends a church founded by African-Americans. It currently has a fully mixed race congregation. Their current priest is from Africa, and has a lovely accent.

    I'm sure the bias exists in many churches, but I never saw anything like that in the church I attended, while growing up.

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    Not where I am, and if there is in other parts of the United State it is not the sentiment of the Church or the American Bishops, but individual bigots and is completely unacceptable.

    I know a couple African-American priest. The Church is actually growing faster in Africa right now than any where else in the world.

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    Well on a personal basis, I am against anybody born here, who is against being called an American. A African American is a person born in Africa and has come here. But I guess if a race wants to be called Flathead Americans, they have that right too. But don't call me a European American.

  • Actually, my Church has a good deal of blacks in it.


    P.S. I forgot. THat guy is right. 700 Catholic priests were canonized in Africa last year.

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    Well I am not a Catholic, but I am from New Orleans which has a HUGE Catholic population and there is so much racism it's not even funny. And frankly, that sucks. People are people.

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    We have quite a few African American families in our parish. One of our deacons is also African American.

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