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I found a male marijuana plant growing in my field, can i smoke it?

there are many of them what do I do, can i smoke it? is there enough THC to get me high, the plants have grown to be massive aswell?

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    It would be highly unusual for a group of plants to be only male. My guess is that it's too early in the season for any of the plants to be showing their sex yet. Plants develop sexual characteristics when the daylight hours are approximately equal to dark hours, or 12/12. Odds are, some of those "males" will turn into females at that time. Wait til late summer or early fall and take another look. If you can pull the males as soon as they show, your females won't be pollinated and you'll have goo smoke. Of course, growing wild, it could just as easily be hemp - and in that case male or female won't do much as there is very little THC in either sex.

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    Actually, that's only half right. A full grown male plant can have about 1/5th the amount of THC as a full grown female. This is still enough to get you buzzed IF its very big, a potent strain and a healthy plant. Its all in the pollen sacs and growing shoots, which TASTE HORRIBLE by the way, so its really not worth it. Plus you'd have to smoke more than usual...

    You're more likely to get a massive head ache from a crappy field plant though.

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    Full Grown Male Weed Plant

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    No. THC is only produced on a female plant (the bud).

    The bud on a female plant produces THC (which is ONLY on a female) to attract the pollin from the male plant, so that the pollin sticks to the bud to create seeds, thus procreating the plant.

    It's just a plant. You have to treat it that way.

    That's why buds are sticky (to attract male pollin). The only thing to smoke on a male plant would be the pollin sacks on the leaves, and there is zero THC there. You might as well smoke leaves off the bush in your yard.

    Also, if you were trying to grow buds, get the male plants away from your females QUICKLY, so that your buds don't go to seed on your female plants. Within a kilometer would be enough to make your females go to seed.

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    Hardly. There is a small amount of THC in male plants but not a lot. THC is produced in the glands at the tip of the trichomes on female buds. This is why good weed is covered with matured trichomes.

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    the buds

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    Yes, if you want a sore throat.

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