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What not to do in mexico?

What not to do in mexico ??

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    I have been living in Mexico for the past 2 years. So here are a few things you should be careful of......

    In Mexico City...don´t wear alot of jewelry, you will get robbed. Don´t go out at night alone either, you are a target, especially if your white. My husband told me stories where cab drivers try and show you their identifaction cards....don´t accept it, it could have a chemical on it to drug you. NOT KIDDING!!!

    Anywhere in Mexico, don´t drink the tap water. Drink bottled. We get clean water in our home, that is drinkable but we still drink only bottled water. The bathing water is clean however in all the hotels. Also it isn´t a good idea to eat food from street vendors, you will get the shits. Trust me, you don´t want it. But if it happenes, Mexico is the leader in making medicines for diarreah and stomach

    Where I live is the cleanest and safest city in Mexico. Queretaro. Check it out sometime. Hope this Helped!

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    That is a tough one. There are over 30 states in Mexico. Some are nicer than others - the tourist areas are always going to be much cleaner and safer than say TJ or Rosarito.

    Some people have said don't drink the water, but if your in Cabo or Cancun, Puerta Vallarta they served bottled water - so I guess it just depends on where your going.

    Remember in Mexico the laws are approached differently - you can look them up online but the basic principle is "Guilty until proven Innocent" there. This brings a whole list of problems for you if you get arrested. If you drive over there, make sure you have Mexican approved auto insurance - they do NOT accept our insurance in the US as legitimate in their country. They have a TON of laws - you cannot get a job over there, nor can you sell anything. BUT mainly you would need to be more specific as to where your going. Just like in the US the laws are different from State to State.

    Oh, and I think peeing in public is illegal everywhere down there!

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    avoid drunk guys

    don't go out @ night

    don't get arrested

    don't f**k drunk girls

    don't get girls drunk

    don't show off

    don't wear jewelry @ all! I was in Mexico a couple of months ago & I was wearing this one gold nekles, & then some guy just comes up to me & rips it off my neck! it hurt! :(

    dat's all I could think of! have fun in Mexico amigo!!

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    Get stinko drug and wander aimlessly in dark alleys or streets.

    Use or deal drugs.

    Walk down the street drinking booze - against the law. Police may look the other way unless you are are also causing a disturbance.

    No other criminal activity.

    Other than the above- have a good time.

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    EXCELLENT question.

    First of all, don't do anything you wouldn't do in your home country. "oh its just México" yeah... careful.

    Next, don't act like some loud obnoxious annoying demanding demaning Americans do.

    If you're going to eat in the street, don't be surprised to get sick if you're not used to that eating environment.

    Just those 3 things and you should be fine :)

    p.s. and don't do things like that donkey person... i'd think that's obvious.

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    Don't be a crazy, abnoxious, demanding drunk American who thinks hes better than the Mexicans. It will make you vulnerable to crimes against you. Many Mexicans don't like Americans, but they like the money that they bring so they tolerate them. Their goal is to get you drunk, take your money and send you back home!

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    Peeing in public is tantamount to exposing oneself, a crime in most countries. We all drink bottled water here. Being drunk and obnoxious, tho' not a crime in resort areas. your bad behavior reflects badly on your country of origin, take note US and Australia. Don't drive drunk.

  • I went to Mexico once, got drunk and hooked up with an (at the time) sexy stripper named Jorge who later turned out to be a transvestite... I would not recommend this...

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    avoid scorpions, direct contact with things in the cacti family, and wear copious amounts of sunscreen to ward of sunburn.

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    Don't take the "libre" roads when ther is a "cuota". Stay away from chicken unless you happen to like diarreah. And don't expect ANYTHING to be the same as in the U.S.

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