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what formula do i need to calculate the speed do i need for a jump?

i like riding my bike but so i can work out what speed i need for a jump i need a formula to work out the speed which i need for a jump and i can do with rough estimates but i would like the formulas so i don't wipeout

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    Doing the physics for a something like a bike jump involves doing things in two directions. The x direction (distance from jump to landing) and the y direction (how high you go). It is more complicated if you are also moving sideways in the air since for basic physics air resistance is not a factor.

    Anyway, some equations that you could use are these:


    x= distance covered

    a=acceleration (in this case gravity at 9.81 m/s/s)


    v0=initial velocity in distance direction

    This would be used for the y component of the jump. This way you can see how high you go if you know a time and initial velocity in the y direction. If you know the height and the velocity then you can figure the time of your jump using the quadratic equation.

    In the x direction there is no acceleration so you can us the equation


    Since there is no acceleration, then the initial velocity=final velocity.






    Hope this helps you, just don't hold me responsible if your jump is slightly off! :)

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