gays in lebanon?

do they have freedom in lebanon??

and what is it your opinion about it?

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    Gays in Lebanon aren't often persecuted. You can go to Downtown Beirut and see many gays and gay scenes and not a single thing is done to these homosexuals. Yes, there are occasional "incidents" but for the most part, gays in Lebanon have all the rights any Lebanese have. The real problem with gays in Lebanon is how society views them, especially in conservative areas. Beirut is where the height of the gay scene in Lebanon is, because Beirut is a very liberal city.

    However, don't think gays are common in Lebanon - they're not. There's at most a couple hundred to a few thousand, and almost all live in Beirut and aren't that notable (I mean they don't go around wearing shirts that say "I'm Gay" or "Proud Lesbian").

    My opinion on homosexuality, as a Lebanese - I support gays, because gays piss off conservatives, and I can't stand conservatives. If they want to marry within their gender that's fine, as long as I'm not affected by it (as in I'm not put into marriage with another dude) then why should it bother me? It's their choice.

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    The beauty of Lebanon is the equality between religions, meaning we have 11 public holidays, 5 for Muslims & 5 for Christians and the New year Day for both... The president is Christian Maronite, Prime Minister is Sunni and Parlimant Speaker is Shiite. Different from ALLL Arab Countries Lebanon is not a Muslim Country, actually their is no dominante religion in plz for future reference gets ur facts straight before stating them. (sorry had to comment on that)

    You find a lot of Gays, Bisexulas, Transexual in Lebanon, its commonly known were they hangout for coffee or clubing etc... They have the freedom to be open among their straight friends who accepts them, they are free to do and behave the way they wish in the comfort of closed doors. However in respect to rights , i beleive they have none...

    The problem is society and stereotyping....they don't bother anyone , so why do people hassle them and attack them.

    I beleive in freedon of choice, and any friend of mine is accepted wether he or she are straight or not.

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    Gays in Lebanon have more rights and freedoms then any other country in the middle east except Israel.

    For gay news and gay rights info in Lebanon you should see, "HELEM" which is the gay rights group in Lebanon.

    It is not safe to be gay in Lebanon openly but they do exist. I think it's great they exist and I hope that Lebanon legalizes homosexuality.

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    LOL! properly you may desire to understand that Lebanon is interior the middle east even yet it particularly is not a islamic us of a and loads of the places interior the middle east the place the regulation against homosexuality is enforced are Muslim worldwide places.

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    Being Gay is Taboo in all Arab countries even Lebanon the freedom for homosexuality if in any Arab country would be within the Borders of Israel/ West Bank and that too is limited.

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    No they don't have freedom in Lebanon. It is illegal there.

    If u are gay better travel to LGBT rights country like Israel or Jordan (yea it is improving) or Turkey.

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    "Homosexuality remains a crime in Lebanon, but the country is unusual and unique among Arab-majority nations in that it has a small internal gay rights movement.But it still not accepted in the Lebanese society."

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    They have some night clubs & pubs but they are not respected alot by some people

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    All countries in the Middle East should start respecting human rights NOW! it's the 21st century, gays should have rights just like everyone else

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