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I need a combination of 2 english words translated to japanese pronunciation?

I need these words as japanese

heres the words Arcane-Moon i want them to be translated into japanese similar to how in bleach Ichigo Kurosaki's swords name is Zangetsu which translated to the english language is cutting moon

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    Akeingetsu (There is no Japanese word for Arcane, but if you want 'Magical Moon', that is Kijutsunigetsu)

    Aakeingetsu = 'Arcane' Moon

    Kijutsunigetsu = Magical Moon (Literally strange art-like moon)

    Mystical moon would be: Shinpishunigetsu

    Black arts moon would be:Jahougetsu

    Sorry, I know I'm dancing around the word for Arcane, but I couldn't find one. ^^; I think 'Aakeingetsu' should mean 'Arcane moon', though. It's a katakana word. If you don't study Japanese, don't try and understand how I made arcane a word, it's too complicated. ^^;

    Source(s): Teaching myself Japanese for a while.
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    I speak two languages well and two others just enough to get by. Everyone I talk to about this same question always thinks his language is the most difficult. From among the more than 3,000 languages in the world, do you know anyone who can definitely say with authority that he or she knows the only one which just has to be the most difficult to speak? Besides, this is totally relative to which language is your native language. The language one speaks affects in a major way the difficulty of learning all other languages. So, really, there is no answer to your question, and it is not a well thought-out question.

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