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When will there be a North American Union?

When will Canada, USA, Mexico, Central America, and the Caribean merge into something like the European, African, or South American Unoins, if america stays out by its own self we wont survive because all the other regions of the world will be more powerful in economy and Military.

It will be best for all North Americans to become one like our South American cousins

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    There are the-powers-that-be inside the USA which want the Caribbean *in* any possible North American Union....

    Jamaica, Trinidad & Tobago and Barbados were going to join NAFTA back in 1993. But they decided it would be better to join a hemispheric agreement (the Free Trade Area of the Americas.) Now that the FTAA never happend, Trinidad is once again wanting to enter a Free Trade Agreement with the United States....

    But anyway, read this article about a group proposing that the office of the United States President should create a unit that is politically linked with the Caribbean Community (CARICOM)...


    Article: Push on Capitol Hill to boost US-Caricom ties

    Date: posted 11-01-2007

    Source: - Bilaterals [dot] Org Online


    -- With the Democrats getting ready to take charge of Capitol Hill in Washington, a multifaceted initiative designed to boost economic and political ties between the United States and CARICOM has been placed on the table. It’s the brainchild of Manchester Trade, a private firm of international business advisors in Washington. --

    Push on Capitol Hill to boost US-Caricom ties -- by Tony Best

    Published on: 1/8/07.

    WITH THE DEMOCRATS getting ready to take charge of Capitol Hill in Washington, a multifaceted initiative designed to boost economic and political ties between the United States and CARICOM has been placed on the table.

    It’s the brainchild of Manchester Trade, a private firm of international business advisors in Washington. Its president, Stephen Lande, thinks that the linchpins of any approach would be a **White House**-level CARICOM consultative mechanism; Haiti’s admission to the Dominican Republic-US portion of the Central American Free Trade Agreement, CAFTA; and a delay in any attempt to negotiate a US-CARICOM free trade pact until after the African Caribbean Pacific Economic Partnership Agreements have been wrapped up with the European Union.

    "We strongly support the adhesion of Haiti to the DR-US portion of CAFTA within a three-year period," Lande said in Miami recently.

    "We believe the rest of CARICOM should wait until at least the end of the negotiations with the Economic Partnership Agreement before proceeding to consider an FTA with the United States. In the Interim, CARICOM should focus on establishing a special White House Chief of State/CARICOM Secretary-General level consultation mechanism with the authority to address and resolve problems before they become serious disputes and to undertake initiatives where necessary."

    [ . . .]


    The Caribbean region has already signed a SPP which Canada and Mexico did too recently (but the Caribbean signed theirs since1997)




    1.We, the Heads of State and Government of the Caribbean nations of Antigua and Barbuda, the Commonwealth of The Bahamas, Barbados, Belize, the Commonwealth of Dominica, the Dominican Republic, Grenada, the Co-operative Republic of Guyana, the Republic of Haiti, Jamaica, the Federation of St. Christopher and Nevis, Saint Lucia, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, the Republic of Suriname and the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago and of the United States of America, meeting in Bridgetown, Barbados on May 10, 1997, pledge to strengthen our cooperation in responding to the challenges of the coming millennium, in a spirit of partnership and mutual respect.


    So it *IS* possible that the Caribbean could adopt the US currency as their currency (like they already do.) and enter into a more enhanced Free Trade agreement with the USA Canada and Mexico...

    Then again--, almost every country in CARICOM at some point in history has proposed entering into a political union with the Canadians...

    Bahamas 1911

    Barbados 1884 & 1958

    Belize 1952

    Bermuda 1949

    The Commonwealth of Dominica in the 1960's

    Jamaica 1870's

    Nevis ~1996

    Saint Lucia around WWI or WWII

    Trinidad & Tobago 1952

    Turks and Caicos 1974 & 1986

    Such a poltical union between Canada and CARICOM could be the key toward such an agreement as well.... Joining the Canadian Federation as one or two Canadian provinces or so....

    Source(s): Source(s): Title: Passport to the Heart: Reflections on Canada Caribbean Relations Author: Dr. Trevor A. Carmichael (of Barbados) By: Ian Randle Publishers, Kingston 6, Jamaica. Released: 2001 ISBN: 976-637-028-1 Forward passage from the book: Synopsis of of the book -- ----- Among other sources including: Including Canadian newspapers, Caribbean newspaper articles. Also the 1912 document by Dr. Louis Meikle (a Jamaican) titled "Confederation of the British West Indies versus Annexation to the United States of America." and early 1900's report by Canadian Commissioner Sir Joseph Pope and his report titled "Confidential Memorandum Upon the Subject of the Annexation of the West India Islands to the Dominion of Canada."
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    The North American Union will comprise of Canada, the US, and Mexico. Given the problems we have with inequality in America alone, adding too many other countries to the mix will give more problems than the Man thinks it's worth.

    We'll see how well that works out.

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    A North American Union would mean open borders with Mexico. Meaning we'd be subsidizing their poor, something oil-rich Mexico is capable of doing themselves, but instead they encourage their poor to sneak across the border into the U.S., so we pick up the tab and they don't have to.

    We'd become a far more expanded welfare state, which means far higher taxes, but with a far lower standard of living in the U.S., coupled with higher crime, exhausted government services, worse schools, and complete loss of U.S. sovereignty and no more Constitution.

    People who want a North American Union consider the Constitution to just be a "transitional document", on the path toward destroying the United States.

    No one who advocates a North American Union can be anything other than a traitor to the United States.

    Source(s): STATE OF EMERGENCY, by Pat Buchanan
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    we have NAFTA which is a start but the economies of our countries need to be closer in wealth before a union can be had. the UK does not use the euro because it is worth so much less than the pound sterling. if we took on the peso and whatever else the poorer countries use in that region it would destroy our economy.

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    When the Anti-Christ comes to power.

    Until then I hope never. It will be a sure sign of the end.

    You better get your head out of the sand and smell the coffee.

    Good little sheep.

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    What? Other than Canada the other nations are dirt poor. Do you want to be taxed to support them? The EU doesn't have the military strength to defend itself.

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    It's already started . When will it be complete when they take away our guns Or the new civil war will have begun .

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    2010 there will be HUGE steps. It's not a big secret, look it up for yourself.

  • there should nt be because europe is socialist . and hugo chavez is uniting all stupid poor countrys against us.

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    Unions do not work, it is just legalized extortion.

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