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Who from your team would you be willing to trade to get Aramis Ramirez?

As a Sox fan, I would jump at the chance to get rid of Konerko, Dye, Thome, Crede, and our entire starting rotation for just one shot at Ramirez. Too bad the Cubs would never go for it.

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    ugh, this is ugly.

    I don't need him. Got Arod.

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    Here's the thing, the Cubs CAN"T trade Ramirez unless Ramirez waives his No Trade Clause which in fact he has said he will NOT do. There is no reason for the Cubs to rush Vitters. The Cubs should just let Ramirez play out his contract for the rest of the year and hit free agency, unless Ramirez changes his mind and waives his NTC. BQ1: I am not very familiar with him, so I don't know. BQ2: He'll probably end up platooning if he doesn't get to start every day at 1B/OF

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    I don't know what tickles me more - the fact that a Sox fan has a good sense of humor about this weekends series and is going out of his way to compliment a player from the hated Cubs that just beat the hell out of his team, or the fact that it seems that, not only would the Sox fans not go for it (and they shouldn't - I don't think any player is worth any 9) but they seem like they only are defending Thome. Seems like they wouldn't trade him for Ramirez even straight up.

    I suppose it is nice that they are so loyal to a player who has played a whole 3 seasons with them , particularly a player who can't play at all in the field anymore, and who as a DH is hitting a whopping .230 Especially when they would refuse to take a player 7 years younger who plays a decent, maybe even good third base, is a consistent .300 hitter, and will probably give you around 30-35 HR and 100-120 RBI a season.

    Thanks for restoring my belief that there really are Sox fans out there who do not consider losing this series to be the end of the world, and that can appreciate good players regardless of what uniform they wear, and thanks for the laugh - thumbs up.

  • Bo-Sox
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    The Dangerous Stick of Richie Sexson for Aramis Ramirez. Richie Sexson is so bad let me tell you some stats from todays paper today comparing him to Felix Hernandez in batting.

    Richie Sexson At-bats 59 Hits 14 HR 0 RBI 2 StrikeOuts 14

    Felix Hernandes At-Bats 1 Hits 1 HR 1 RBI 4 StrikeOuts 0

    Richie Sexson worst player in the entire MLB

    Source(s): Seattle Times
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  • As a Sox fan are you crazy?

    Thome? Crede? Dye?

    Ramirez is good, but there is no way I would even want to trade for him. Remember he wasn't this hot before facing the White Sox.....

    it's nice to see that we have sent him on a hot streak =P

    and Danielle ♥'s Carlos Quentin

    I usually love your answers, but I'm not a huge fan of your comparision

    ....but that's another sections =]

  • These are some of the worst offers ever. If you want ARam at least give soething up fo him. Trading antiques like Gary Sheffield won't get them Ramirez's left nut. Richie Sexson, come on, if Seattle wanted him they'd need to send over Hernandez and Ichiro. Gagne and Dunn, come on, are you serious? The most retarded one on here I saw has to be from the Mets fan. Delgado and Alou for Ramirez, 2 guys with a combined age of 100 years old for a guy still in the prime of his career. Not to mention we already had Alou and itwas our decision to let him go and not resign him. The Cubs would never trade him and if they ever did it would require 2 solid vets for him, he's one of the top 5 3rd baseman in the league. At least if you want to dream about getting him from the Cubs try and make it a fair trade.

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    As a Red Sox Fan Dustin Pedrioa or Julio Lugo.

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    If he was willing to switch to 1st base or 2nd base I would trade Oliver Perez, Carlos Delgado (who the cubs have no use for lol), Mike Pelfrey, Aaron Heilman, Moises Alou, or Endy Chavez. Any combination of these people (probably 3 people to get Ramirez). Go Mets!

  • RBKG
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    To el pond, a trade of Adam Dunn for Aramis would be one of the worst trades in history. Adam Dunn is one of the most overrated players in the MLB. Sure Dunn hits for power but has a shitty average and strikes out as much as Ryan Howard. Aramis hits for power, average, and hits in the clutch. I would never want to see Aramis get traded from the Cubs, he's our best player and my favorite player. It would take a lot for the Cubs to trade him.

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    Trade Thome for Ramirez are you crazy?!? Anyway I'd be willing to trade Cesar Izturis or Isringhausen for him. But the Cubs wouldn't trade him away unfortunately. lol

    Edit: Yeah Joel D is right, the only way the Cards could get Ramirez is if they traded Pujols for him, and that will never happen, I won't let it happen! lol

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    I would give up Jake Peavy and a pick in the draft.

    I would make a different trade by giving away Eric Bedard plus a couple of prospects from the minor leagues

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