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Can the US military invade China?

If the US intervenes in a war over Taiwan against China and escalates to a nuclear war, American soldiers will attempt to invade China. Many Chinese villagers will be killed by American troops and US air supremacy will overrun the skies. China will launch nuclear missiles at major US cities including LA and San Francisco. Under the Taiwan Relations Act, US must defend Taiwan which can easily escalate into a nuclear war with China.

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    China is not that stupid. Who else would they sell their cheaply made merchandise to?

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    Mao Tze Dong launched a Guerrilla war against the Nationalists. What makes you think they will not act in a similar way to us? We hear "dirty rotten commies" all the time, yet if they are so bad, why are they becoming a superpower? National Drive. The Chinese People are fiercely nationalistic. Though technologically speaking, they are behind us, their sense of unity and sheer numbers cannot be stopped by us, especially if we are ignorant enough to try an invasion during two other wars.

    We already made a mistake when we tried a two front war, and it is destroying us. Now, I hear ignoramuses actually wanting another war-WITH CHINA?!! Call me cold-hearted, but China can have Taiwan back. It is idiotic to throw yourself into a war you cannot win. China did not attack us after we invaded Iraq (which never belonged to us), why should we attack them for invading Taiwan (which belonged to China). Unless you want a massive WWIII, invading China is a terrible idea.

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    Can the U. S. invade China? No. united states of america's militia is numerically outnumbered and at the instant overstretched. united states of america lost numerous divisions throughout the Korean conflict while they ventured too on the brink of the Yalu river. Can the U. S. attempt to bomb China? definite. yet China can retaliate. with the aid of the way, China has no defence understanding with North Korea. i think of actual everyone seems to be in simple terms waiting for Kim to die of previous age or mellow out.

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    By "Taiwan" you mean the Republic of China? I support freedom in China. They deserve much better than what they have. We could wipe the floor with the PLA but they have enough manpower to run a guerilla war forever. They try conventional or nuclear and we'll win. They try guerilla and its anyone's game.

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    First of all, China does not want to mess with us. They had border wars with India and Vietnam in the previous century and did not impress anyone.We have about 14 aircraft carriers and are building more.I do not think the Chinese have one.We are so far ahead of them militarily it is pathetic.True they have the worlds largest army but so what?Are they all going to swim here?Our stealth bombers and multiple launch missile systems will turn these Commie rice eaters into the worlds largest pu pu platter.I think Taiwan can give them a pretty good fight all by herself to be honest with you.We also have missile defense systems and the best military in the world.Do not sweat these Commies.Some day their people will rise up and become a democracy like the Russkies did.Until then, boycott their flimsy goods and knock offs.

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    Actually, I'm pretty sure neither the U.S. nor China are stupid enough to engage each other. If either of them are feeling trigger happy they're gonna go for an opponent with lots of oil who isn't a very even match for them.

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    the us military can invade china, but it would never do that, the us would just immobilize china's navy/air force and force it to sign a treaty >=D

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    NOOOO, negotiation must always take place first before doing anything so drastic.

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    If mcCain is elected president than we might try

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    not a chince

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