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Would you consider yourself cleverer than most?

Because im sure most people think they are better than most.

"Noone knows it, but im alot better than these people, they just dont notice it because i dont show it"

Just wondering, because i think everyone thinks of themselves as unique and i need some proof.


@Bill - I mean 'Better' asin a general intellect, nothing specific, asin "Im better at Science" but a deeper "Better".. Hard to explain.

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    Not cleverer, not necessarily better ("better" is different than "cleverer").

    I do think I'm smarter than many. I do think many in America are pretty intelligent, but the vast majority do not develop their minds and content themselves with a bare minimum of knowledge or wisdom or awareness of current events. They do not think deeply. I do. At least in the areas that interest me.

    But the word "better" implies a lot. Do you mean morally, physically, mentally as in intellect, artistically, experienced and knowledgeable say via travel or study of history and so on?

    The probability that most of us like to think of ourselves as better is a self-delusion to maintain our egos. All of us sense deep within that there are aspects of us that are not good, and that makes for a constant build up one's ego, usually at the expense of others, whether they know it or not.

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    i think i am and that i am being held back too much which slowly rots my brain (so does using a computer). My teacher says i am gifted and talented but tells me to slow down which means she wants to hold me back so i would say yes

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    Yes I question in my mind.

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