Anybody know how to change an oil pump in a 2000 dodge intrepid?

it's a 6cyl 2.7liter,

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    that's a fairly simple job on that car,you have to remove the starter then drop the pan ,and remove the two bolts that hold the pump on,you can probably just replace the pump and clean the pick up tube out on that car,but beware there could be other problems caused by low oil pressure or what ever reason your changing it,its not as complicated as some people like to make it out to be,clean the oil pan really good before you put it back on, i did one last week that came out really good,but it was really gummed up bad,make note of anything that you have to remove to get the pan off,if you,ll take your time with it you can do as good of a job as a shop can do on it for half the cost,good luck with it.

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    Problems that involve replacing the oil pump are likely to have more extensive damage. The oil pump would be " just the tip of the iceberg". if the 2.7L is making rattling / chain type noises, look to the timing chain tensioner and guide assemblies also, they are a known area of concern. also search on line about problems associated with 2.7L Chrysler FWD engines, Be prepared to sink lots of $$ fixing one that "needs" an oil pump.

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    The pictures won't show up on here, but here are the directions.



    The oil pump pressure relief valve can be serviced by removing the oil pan.

    Remove the following components:

    Crankshaft Damper

    Timing Chain Cover

    Timing Chain

    Crankshaft Sprocket

    Oil Pan

    Fig. 94

    Remove oil pick-up tube and O-ring (Fig. 94).

    Fig. 93

    3. Ensure that crankshaft position is at 60°ATDC of No.1 cylinder, or crankshaft sprocket mark aligns with mark on oil pump (Fig. 93). This position will properly locate oil pump upon installation. 4. Remove oil pump attaching bolts (Fig. 94).

    Remove oil pump.


    CAUTION: Crankshaft position must be at 60°ATDC of No.1 cylinder before installing oil pump (Fig. 93). This position will properly locate oil pump. If not properly located, severe damage to oil pump can occur.

    Prime oil pump before installation by filling rotor cavity with engine oil.

    If crankshaft has been rotated, it must be repositioned to 60°ATDC of No.1 cylinder prior to oil pump installation (Fig. 93).

    Install oil pump carefully over crankshaft and into position.

    Install oil pump attaching bolts. Tighten bolts to 28 Nm (250 in. lbs.) (Fig. 94).

    Install oil pick-up tube with new O-ring. Lubricate O-ring before installation. Tighten attaching bolts to 28 Nm (250 in. lbs.) (Fig. 94).

    Install the following remaining components:

    Oil Pan

    Crankshaft Sprocket

    Timing Chain

    Timing Chain Cover

    Crankshaft Damper

    Fill Crankcase with proper engine oil to correct level.

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    you really can't prime them up like you could the older ones with a distributor in them, what i do on those is crank the engine over by hand a few times by using a socket on the front bolt that goes on the lower part of the crank shaft,turn it over a few times and it will pick up enough oil to prime it up,any attempt other wise and it will loose the prime you get on it,you can even pull the plugs out and pull the coil pack wire off and crank the engine over by using the starter,this wont hurt the engine none and that will quickly prime it back up,it also helps to add oil to the new filter before you install it,this gives it a head start.good luck with it.

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    drop the oil pan, remove the 2 bolts that hold it on.

    Replace in reverse.

    Source(s): Good luck with that 2.7, they dont last long
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