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What? Not all illegal immigrants are..............?

child molestors, rapists, thieves, psychopathic predators that steal our jobs?

"Alfredo Quiñones-Hinojosa is an assistant professor of neurosurgery, oncology, neuroscience, and cellular and molecular medicine at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. He directs the brain tumor surgery program at Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center and operates a lab that researches the role of stem cells in brain tumors and brain cancer.

Quiñones first entered this country as an illegal immigrant from Mexico. After years of working as a laborer and attending community college, he gained legal status and graduated from the University of California, Berkeley. From there he attended Harvard Medical School, where he graduated with honors. He completed his residency in neurosurgery at the University of California, San Francisco, where he also completed a postdoctoral fellowship in developmental and stem cell biology

Update 2:

I wonder how many people's lives this doctor has saved, either by himself, or through the actions of other doctors he has trained, who feel this country's top priority is to put up a fence between us and Mexico.

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    Nice example!

    I read up on Dr. Quiñones-Hinojosa, and his credentials are very impressive.

    Here's my thought. He was granted amnesty in the 1980's when President Reagan, at Senator Ted Kennedy's bill request, granted amnesty to 1 million illegals. This led the path to legal status and subsequent citizenship. Regarding this doctor, no one can contest that this man is a shining credit to everyone whose lives he has touched.

    However, the problem of illegal status since the Amnesty "era" has mushroomed from 1 million to an estimated 20 million, and while admittedly many illegals are honest and hard-working individuals ( BUT who do not pay taxes), the huge $340 billion dollar annual cost as a result of the US's current"hosting" ,faces tax payers, US citizens and US legal immigrants -- all who pay taxes -- and unfortunately, there are many illegals who are not "shining examples" and ARE breaking the law.

    And please don't forget that when those illegals were granted Amnesty, the previous rights of legal immigrants were diminished in the compromise, and as time goes on, THESE people will be made to suffer more and more--penalized solely due to the illegal situation, and as a consequence, my friend, is not at all fair to them or US citizens.

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    You are completely wrong on the popular opinion of illegal immigrants. We are not so ignorant think that they are all rapists, child molestors, thieves, etc. Here is why illegal immigration must be put a stop to:

    The ones that are here without legal status are working jobs "under the table" and not paying taxes. On top of that, there are government programs that help these people out. They come here and not pay taxes, while our tax money goes to help them. That includes our tax money that went to help Alfredo Quiñones-Hinojosa to go to college.

    It's ridiculous!

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    it would be a competent start up, yet i nevertheless experience they might are transforming into away with being right here illegally and breaking the regulation. i might virtually be ok in the event that they had to pay back taxes.. only think of if a citizen did no longer pay taxes for quite a few years.. while the irs found out might they say.. do no longer difficulty approximately it.. do no longer difficulty appropriate to the money you owe us?? heck no, they might take each and everything from that individual, in all threat positioned them in detention center and their existence may be ruined. So why could that's distinctive for somebody who's right here legally??? This amnesty plan had an outstanding and had people going back to start the approach, yet that became into only for people who wanted to alter into u . s . citzens. i do no longer experience most of the illegals want to be voters. they only want to be right here, take earnings of each and everything and help their very own u . s .!!

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    The key here is Illegal Immigrant ... I have NO problem with anyone coming into this country legally ... but illegals are criminals by definition . I can't understand why there is even a debate about the issue ... We have laws in place ... When my 4 grandparents came in from Canada .. they came in legally . For that reason , they were not criminals . and they were able to become citizens .. They even made sure their children learn English (what a concept). They asked for no special treatment and brought their trades in with them.

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    In the meantime, before finally becoming a citizen, did he pay taxes? Did he receive medical care at our expense? Who paid for his education? The Amercian people that he took advantage of before finding out how talented he was? We have these laws for a reason. What's the problem with following them? Everyone else has to why should an illegal immagrant be allowed not to? These problems are hurting the American people more than they are helping these illiegal immagrants.

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    You are correct, they are not all "child molestors, rapists, thieves, psychopathic predators that steal our jobs?" but they are ALL criminals because they are here ILLEGALLY...

    The key phrase in your story is: "he gained legal status"... without having gained legal status he could not have been educated as a doctor; therefore, had he remained an illegal immigrant, he would not be as valuable to our society as he is as a citizen... If this man can do it, why can't all the others?...

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    Breaking and Entering the borders of the United States of America is ILLEGAL.

    The ones who do that need deported.

    It does NOT matter what else the illegal alien has done here.

    They DON'T belong!

    Either enter LEGALLY and be WELCOMED, Or stay the heck out!

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    If we were to follow your logic, then why only mexico border? Why not open US borders for all countries from Iraq to Chile to Pakistan. I am sure there will be more than 1 doctor from all the countries in the world who have saved lives in US.

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    You are so very right. Actually so called illegal immigrants are highly motivated honest hard working people with religious values to back them. So are many Americans ; yet I am ashamed of how these immigrants have been treated by some (at times uneducated ) people in our great country.

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