Why didn't Chewbacca get a medal at the end of Star Wars?

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    I'm really hoping that the others that have answered this question so far are trying to be funny with their answers because if they are not and actually do feel that way then they are all insane.

    There is a very simple explanation to this question and it has NOTHING to do with british speaking men or white men or anything like that.

    The reason that Chewie didn't get a medal at the end of ep IV: A New Hope is because Carrie Fisher was not tall enough to do it and they thought that having Chewie kneel down for her to put it on him would HAVE made it look like there was some kind of bias against different species in the Star Wars Universe.

    If you want to take it a step further, Chewie DID get his medal eventually. I don't remember what year it was but if I had to make a guess I would say that it was 1997 but whatever the year was he DID get his medal. The MTV Music Videos Awards Show did a big thing and even brought in Carrie Fisher dressed in her Princess Leia outfit to give it to him. Lucas was there, they had Anthony Daniels and Kenny Baker there as C3po and R2D2. In many ways the whole thing might have sounded silly or looked goofy to some but as a Star Wars fan I thought it was pretty cool.

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    Chewbacca Medal

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    Considering the vast age of Wookie civilization and culture, as well as the Wookie code of ethics, I imagine Chewbacca turned down the offer of a medal, the argument being, why should I accept a reward for doing something that needed to be done?

    Chewie's way beyond that level of culture.

    It would be like accepting a reward for telling the truth, or helping someone up who had tripped, or pointing out the way to someone who was lost.

  • Because the rebel alliance is run by a bunch of rabid anti-Wookite bigots! Give it another thirty years and they'll pass an act granting medals to all the retired Wookie veterans who got cheated out of them because of the predominating specieist attitudes of the time. Lots of good press coverage for those in power then.

    Or maybe they already have. I mean it was "Long Ago." And seeing how it took place in a galaxy "Far, Far Away" it would take millions of years before we could find out about it. You can tell from the end of The Empire Strikes Back that it's a spiral galaxy and the closest spiral to us is M31 in Andromeda, some two million light years away.

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      I'm sick of you people shoving you pro-Wookie agenda down our throats!

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    If you watch the original film, almost every role of significance is a white man, most with British accents. As the films progress, there is greater racial and gender diversity.

    I keep waiting for a director's cut that gives him a medal

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    He did get one later.

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    I think a wash and cut was his reward.

    Do you realize how much conditioner he had to use, it'll take the rebels months to replenish their supplies.

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    he was grolbg to much made leia sard so she gave his to han

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    becuse he did a helped them beat the empier

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    he is being kept down by The Man.

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