So you cant get sunburns on the sims 2 seasons?

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People keep saying that you can get sun burns on the seasons but you need Bon Voyage to get sun tans but on the screen shots they show a woman in the sun which looks like shes either more
Update : So if i can get sunburn how do i get it without getting my sims caought more
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Yes, your Sim can get sunburn from being out too long in the sun. The sunburn will last a few days and then disappear. I've had it happen quite a few times. Mostly I've had it happen while my sims are gardening.

In Bon Voyage, it's possible to get sun tans because that EP introduced sunbathing. Same as sun burn, it will last a few days and then go away.

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  • xK answered 6 years ago
    The red is not from a sunburn, it's from her temperature bar being so high. When she does inside (out of the sun), it will get lower. The same happens if you make them exercise or shower a lot.

    Likewise, if you go outside in your swimsuit, your Sim will turn blue. Getting warm will reverse that.
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