What is wrong with my internet?

Like 2 weeks ago I was so satisfied with my internet, it's fast. About 2 days before:

I was playing TF2 and my modem suddenly restarted and my internet connection came down. This happends like 5-6 times a day. When it's down it stay for about 20min. Yesterday I unplugged the power cord from the modem and let it cool down. Now it doesn't do like that but it still goes down. For example now it's 6:05 and from morning to now it only came down 1 time but it came up in like 5-10 seconds. Sorry for my bad english.

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    Your English is great :D

    What you should try first is unplug EVERYTHING that links to the internet. That includes the modem, and all the wires attached to it. Leave them all unplugged for around 5 minutes, and plug them all back in.

    If this problem just occurred without any warning, it could be a virus/spyware program. If you haven't already, download a antivirus and a antispyware. Download, install, update and scan with these programs.

    Remember that you must only have one antivirus running at any time. If you already have an antivirus, then don't download Avira Antivir

    http://www.safer-networking.com/ - Spybot: Search and Destroy

    http://www.download.com/Avira-AntiVir-Personal-Fre... - Avira Antivir.

    If the programs find anything, delete all that it says to. Some last checks that you can do. If you have broadband, make sure you have a filter on every phone socket in the house.


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    Happens to me also I think it happens if you have a phone on that line too (when it is being used or someone is tring to phone you)

    Other times I can't say!?

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