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Isn't Bank of Japan responsible for inflation in the world and loss of jobs in the West due to low int rates?


Extremely low interest rates -->> led to carry trade -->> led to speculative investments -->> led to inflation (globally).

Also depressed yen currency -->> led to boom in japanese exports -->> led to more japanese jobs.

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    No, the Federal Reserve is to blame, which is the Central bank in America. They pulled the dollar off the gold standard and began inflating the dollar to "save" the economy.

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    Good question, thats part of the picture, but Bush is the rest of it. I could go on an on but the fact is his policy making is messed up an so he , the war , gas prices, government big spending,his tax laws for the rich, his over seas jobs this country has lost, his lack of diplomacy, What else can I say we need a change an McCain is not the one for the job, it's just more of Bush. Vote Obama if you want change.

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    Sure wish I could get a mortgage from a Japanese bank at 1% interest than the nearly 6% interest I gotta pay from a US bank.

    Why can't mortgages be globalized?

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    all of us could take possibilities to get forward. There are continually unknowns, even your interest in a worldwide financial gadget is far less particular than the jobs of previous generations. production jobs are going to greener pastures as our financial gadget shifts faraway from the business era. There are going to be casualties. there are multiple foreclosure that are on properties that no person ever lived in, only people making a gamble on the destiny that they could have the ability to sell the living house in the purple-warm genuine belongings industry rapidly adequate to teach a earnings. That became right into a danger, and that they lose out, yet those individuals at the instant are not dropping the roof that covers their head. a lot of those have been subprime own loan debtors. There are additionally multiple people who offered properties that are way out of their ability, and private loan agencies who theory they had take a threat. those people have been attempting to pay mortgages that have been far bigger than what they had be identifying to purchase hire. those individuals had to be going against any smart suggestion they could have ever won approximately funds and fantastically paying for a house. they have with any luck found out a effective lesson. (despite if those individuals could desire to arise with the money for to stay of their residences, they had be no longer common-pressed to ever get out of the living house what they had positioned into it.) Unemployment is transforming into, yet no longer as a rule adequate to justify the style of foreclosure. multiple the foreclosure have been by using subprime loans taken out by making use of those with undesirable credit who does not have qualified any different way.

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  • Anonymous
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    hard currency doesn't inflate because it's value it stable. fiat currency has wild swings in value because it is backed by nothing but a thin promise to pay, usually in further inflated fiat currency. currency debasement is a major factor in inflation.

  • Anonymous
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    Hi, I've studied economics for a few years.

    No. The world economy is much more complicated than that.

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    wow ha ha, thats like just sticking words together of course not the bank of japan its the strwberrys in india.


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    What?!?!? Do you have a site that speaks to this because this is the first time I have ever heard of this.

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    probably, but bank of america more then likley, is not far behind.

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    1 decade ago Where'd you get that one?

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