Which is the easiest working model in physics for class 8th-10th ?????! plz help me Guyz!?

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M in dps.,..

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  • Mustang answered 6 years ago
    take a bottle and make 3 holes in it,at different 3 points vertically,(1st one at the top of the bottle,2nd 1 in the middle & the 3rd 1 at the bottom)observe the experiment,u will see that, water flows out from the 3rd hole with greater pressure compared 2 the 1st 2 hole(4rm 2nd hole it will flow out with medium pressure and 4rm d 1st hole it will flow out with least pressure),this proves dat pressure of water is maximum at the bottom of water(in the bottle in this case)...in seas and oceans it the same and it helps to keep the body of deep sea creatures 2getr...and this is the reason y they burst on comin out of water...u r welcome..hope i have helped u
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