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How do i extract audio from youtube videos on a mac?

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    First, find an FLV Extractor or YouTube Video Downloader for Mac Intel or PPC. Here's a good one:

    Okay, so then download MPEG Streamclip for Mac (just Google it). When you've downloaded the video from YouTube, open MPEG Streamclip. Make sure the video from YouTube is on your desktop. When MPEG Streamclip opens, click File in the toolbar, then click Open Files. A Finder window will drop down. Navigate to the desktop and select the video you want. Once the black text beneath "High-quality converter for MPEG files, QuickTime and transport streams" states the video name, click on File again and click Export Audio. A little window will pop up and prompt you to configure the options. I would select AIFF for format because it can easily be imported into iTunes without conversion. If you want to go into more advanced options (I do not recommend this), click Adjustments. Just leave Channels, Sample Rate, and Bit Rate alone and click OK. When a window pops up, save it to the desktop and click OK. A progress bar will show and then the exporting will start. Once it's done, drag the aiff file from the desktop into your iTunes library. Convert it to AAC format (you get better sound quality; here's how to: hold control and click on the song and select "Convert selection to AAC" from the dropdown menu) if you want, then double click on it to play. Walla!

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