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What are the laws regarding wearing a seat belt while driving in America?

I was watching something on tv set in America and the people didn't have seat belts on and I was curious as to what your laws are?


Nice rhyme- prefer it to 'Click-clack, front and back'

Update 2:

Okay, thanks guys, the same in Australia too, you get a fine and I think lose demerit points as well if you are caught without it. Although you'd have to be crazy to not wear one anyway.

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    In some states, it's a primary offense for not wearing your seat belt and you can be stopped. Other states, like PA, it's a secondary offense, meaning you have to be pulled over for some other infraction first. This doesn't count if you are at random checkpoints set up for DUI's, etc.

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    New Hampshire is the only U.S. state without some form of seat belt law. Illinois and Iowa join it in having no helmet law. Maryland has both seat belt and helmet laws. And the legislature just passed a law banning texting while driving. It will go into effect in July. Sadly, there's still no law against driving 45 miles per hour in the left lane of a highway......

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    It is different in all states but for the most part if they "catch" you without a seat belt on while driving you get a ticket.

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    It is pretty much universal in every state. Seatbelt laws are enforced.

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    It's simple. You must wear a seatbelt while driving.

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    Click-it-or ticket.

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    you have to wear it. or go to the popo (police)

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