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Mongoose Disturbed Mountain Bike??

hello all...i want to buy this bike very soon...i was just wondering...if anyone baught this bike and tell me if its worth buying or not..thank you very much...i wanna buy this asap ^_^

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    It is a fancy looking bike but is not a good choice.

    Keep in mind that a bike like this is intended for ON ROAD use only. It will be heavy and unreliable. When you start adding extra stuff (like full suspension) at this price you have to sacrifice other things (like good drivetrain and frame). Also, remember that suspension on a bike is to keep the wheels on the ground for better handling and NOT for comfort. Since the bike is for on the road you don't need suspension.

    Sooo, if you are going to stay on the road and use it for the occasional ride it'll do just fine. If you want to ride off road AT ALL then it is not the bike for you. This means no jumping, no trails, no nothing except riding on paved surfaces.

    I suggest that you take your budget of $300 and visit a local bike shop. They do have stuff in your price range that will be fine for roads and light trails, plus you'll have great support if something goes wrong.

    Source(s): 29 years in the industry
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  • karls
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    4 years ago

    No new motorbike, in spite of kind call is going to be any solid at that cost. Mongoose does make some solid motorcycles, yet they are bought purely in bke shops and they cost a lot more desirable. only because 2 motorcycles are using an similar kind call does no longer recommend they are an similar element of high quality. in case you purchase that motorbike, odds are fairly solid that something will bypass incorrect with it out on the direction. The suggestion that you lease a motorbike for the weekend is a really solid one.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Hope you did not purchase the bike yet. Canadian Tire has it on sale June 27 - July 3 for 40% off = $179.99

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    well really its a bike for beginers and depends how much you pay for it around 200 300 dollars would be alright i havent bought the bike but ive looked at it n the internet

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