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    U.S. gasoline prices rose to an average of almost four U.S. dollars per gallon, many two-year community college students commuting to school one day a week less, to help them to reduce the petrol expenses.

    Reduce the class one day a week, most of Friday, mainly from rural areas to promote the two-year community colleges, the students in these areas often have to drive long distances to go to school, while public transport is difficult to obtain. These schools each class to class time extended periods per week to reduce the number of days.

    Experience: With the recent increase in oil prices and see the strange phenomenon, which is that many people in order to save over 100 yuan while long queues to queue up refueling, or even the whole family sizes are deployed families. In fact, whenever encountered on the eve of rising oil prices will see this phenomenon, but I do not agree It was also mentioned to a refueling vessel, which is tantamount to a bomb from time to time, as long as the accident occurred will be heavy casualties.

    Take every kind of transport will be beneficial to certain disadvantages, the benefits of riding a motorcycle is to save time, the chance encounter traffic congestion is also relatively low, maintenance and fuel costs are much lower than the car. Downside is air pollution, often forced to breathe in the other vehicle exhaust emissions, even wear a mask can only alleviate but not completely eliminated, the long run the respiratory bad. The benefits of the bus is not for God's own operation of machinery, breathing air into the dirt is also a relatively low probability, but the bus speed不比locomotive, often because of the relationship between traffic lights Haodiao lot of time.

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