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1. It's still early. Surely you _______ tired already.

A. mustn't be

B. won't be

C. may not be

D. can't be

2."When is she going to be back here?

"Perhaps in a _______ of hours."

A. short

B. few

C. bunch

D. couple

3.It is impossible to _______ Kaoshiung from here in ten minutes.

A. catch

B. get

C. arrive

D. reach

4.I'll meet you _______ the bus stop.

A. at

B. on

C. in

D. with

5.Meeting you last weekend made me _______.

A. depress

B. depresses

C. depressing

D. depressed

6.Nowadays more and more people prefer country life _______ city life.

A. from

B. with

C. to

D. than

7.Our manager got sick, so I attended the meeting in his _______.

A. place

B. shoes

C. seat

D. charge

8.The children looked at the monkeys _______ in the zoo.

A. playing

B. played

C. were playing

D. being playing

9.My shoes were so _______ that I could hardly walk.

A. tired

B. tied

C. tight

D. tide

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    1. 答案 C

    翻譯-- 現在還早, 你當然還不會覺得累

    A-- 必定不(覺得累)

    B-- 將不(覺得累)

    D-- 不能(覺得累)

    2. 答案 B

    翻譯-- 她什麼時候會回到這裡?


    A-- short of 少於,如果要用 short of,應為Perhaps in a short of an hour.

    B-- few of 一些;幾

    C-- a bunch of 一束(花)

    D-- a couple of 一對

    3. 答案 D

    翻譯-- 在十分鐘內要從這裡到高雄是不可能的.

    A-- catch 接到;趕上catch the bus

    B-- get to

    C-- arrive in

    4. 答案 A

    翻譯-- 我將在公車站與你會面.

    A-- at 地點 在...地點

    B-- on 在...旁;在...上

    C-- in 在...裡

    D-- with 與...一起

    5. 答案 D

    翻譯-- 上週末遇見你令我非常沮喪.

    make 人 O.

    A-- depress 為vt.

    B-- depresses 無此字

    C-- depressing 為vt.

    D-- depressed 為adj.當O.

    6. 答案 D

    翻譯-- 現在越來越多的人喜歡鄉村生活大於都市生活.

    prefer A than B --- 喜歡A大於B

    7. 答案 A

    翻譯-- 我們的經理生病了, 所以我要代替他參加此會議.

    A-- place 職位

    B-- in ones shoes 為某人設身處地著想

    C-- seat 座位

    D-- charge 指控

    8. 答案 C

    翻譯-- 孩童們在動物園裡看猴子玩耍.


    9. 答案 A

    翻譯-- 我的鞋子太緊了,以至於無法走路.

    so...that 太...以致於...

    A-- tired 累的

    B-- tied 給工人居住的

    C-- tight 緊的

    D-- tide 浪潮N.

    Source(s): Gill&dictionary
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    geat interaction.

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    第八題,為什麼要用were playing








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