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The proper localization of proteins within a cell is absolutely

necessary for their normal function to ensure coordinated

access to regulators and substrates. This is in

particular the case for enzymes, which are implicated in cell

cycle regulation where the subcellular localization can

influence the progression through the cell cycle [1]. A crucial

event for the entry of eukaryotic cells into mitosis is

the activation of the maturation promoting factor MPF

consisting of cyclin B/cdk1 [1,2]. Its activity is among others

regulated by the phosphorylation state of threonine 14

and tyrosine 15 on cdk1 [3]. The inhibitory phosphorylation

is carried out by the wee 1 kinase [4,5] whereas dephosphorylation

of threonine 14 and tyrosine 15 by cdc25C

results in an activation of the MPF. Timing of the entry

into mitosis is dependent on the entry of cdc25C into the

nucleus where this phosphatase meets the cdk1 substrate.

The localization of cdk1, cyclin B, and cdc25C fluctuates

during the cell cycle. The subcellular localization of cdc25C

is regulated by a nuclear export signal (NES), by a nuclear

localization signal (NLS), by phosphorylation, and by

binding to the 14-3-3 protein. It was shown that cdc25C

is a substrate for a number of different protein kinases such

as Prk1, Plk1, Plk3, cdk1, chk1, chk2, and very recently

also for protein kinase CK2 [6–11].

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    蛋白質的適當的地方化在細胞之內是absolutely 必要為他們的正常作用保證對管理者和基體的被協調的通入。這是特別是盒為酵素, 被牽連在細胞週期章程亞細胞地方化可能影響進步完成細胞週期[ 1 ] 。一次關鍵的事件為eukaryotic 細胞詞條入有絲分裂是成熟性的活化作用促進因素MPF 包括的cyclin B/cdk1 [ 1,2 ] 。它的活動是在其他人中由phosphorylation 狀態threonine 14 和酚基乙氨酸調控15 在cdk1 [ 3 ] 。禁止phosphorylation 由一點點執行1 kinase [ 4,5 ] 但是threonine

    14 和酚基乙氨酸15 的dephosphorylation 由cdc25C 導致MPF

    的活化作用。詞條的時間入有絲分裂依靠cdc25C 詞條入這phosphatase 遇見cdk1 基體的中堅力量。cdk1 、cyclin B, 和cdc25C 的地方化動搖在細胞週期期間。cdc25C 的亞細胞地方化由束縛調控由一個核出口信號(NES), 由一個核地方化信號(NLS), 由phosphorylation, 和對14-3-3 蛋白質。它被顯示, cdc25C 非常最近並且是一個基體為一定數量不同的蛋白激□譬如Prk1, Plk1, Plk3, cdk1, chk1, chk2, 和為蛋白激□CK2 [ 6-11 ] 。



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