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think&think of的用法及例句

我想問think&think of的用法及例句,感謝您

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    1 To reason about or reflect on; ponder: 分析; 想 Think how complex language is! 想想語言是多麼地複雜! 2 To judge or regard: 判斷 I think it to be fair. 我覺得它是公平的 3 To believe; suppose: 相信; 假設 I always thought that he was right 我一直相信他是對的 4 To expect; hope: 希望; 期望 They thought she would arrive early. 他們希望(以為)她能早點到 b. To intend: 打算 They thought that they would take their time. 他們打算慢慢做 5 To call to mind; remember: 憶起; 想起 I can't think what her name was. 我想不起她的名字 6 To visualize; imagine: 想像 Think what a scene it will be at the reunion! 想像一下聚會時會是什麼樣的情況! 7 To devise or evolve; invent: 構思 I thought up a plan to get rich quick 我構想到一個快速致富的計畫 8 To bring into a given condition by mental preoccupation: 因心裡思慮而至… He thought himself into a panic over the impending examination. 他因 為心裡一直想著即將到來的考試而陷入恐慌 9 To weigh or consider an idea: 考量; 考慮 They are thinking about moving. 他們考慮搬家 10 To dispose the mind in a given way: 先入為主的認為 Do you think so? 你心裡真的這麼想嗎? Think of1. Come to think of it.((口語)) 仔細想一想 Come to think of it, that road back there was the one we were supposed to take. 仔細想一想, 那一條才是我們該走的路 2 a. To bring a thought to mind by imagination or invention: 想過 No one before had thought of bifocal glasses. 以前沒人想過會有兩個 焦距的眼鏡 b. To recall a thought or an image to mind: 回想起…情景 She thought of her childhood when she saw the movie. 她看這部電影 而回想起她的童年 3 To regard: 以為 He thinks of himself as a wit. 他自以為聰明 He think of himself as a lady with integrity. 他認為他自己是個正直的人 4 To have care or consideration: 顧慮 Think first of the ones you love. 先顧慮你所愛的人


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    think是想 , think of 是想到想起來


    I think John is a brilliant scientist.


    I thought of my pet dog Puppy when I was in the USA.


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